UBC Day 11: This Sparked My Interest

Just found something interesting while brousing the net. Have you ever googled your name? Well I have plenty of times and have never found anything more interesting than this. I just discovered there is a pub in Australia with my name. I found that pretty exciting and would love to travel there one day and visit. I wonder if they would put my picture up on their wall or something. Maybe they will plaque it and everything. Wishful thinking huh?

As I was looking into the site, they have a place where you can get directions and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny just to put my address in and see how long the journey would be? Now I know that this would be ridiculous to even think about let alone try to travel all the way to Australia by car but I wanted to see anyway. Well if I drove all the way through the US, took a ferry to Japan, then kayaked through the pacific ocean to Australia, that would put me at the pub in 56.25 days. That all maps out to 16,113 miles and 1350 hours. Could you imagine how much I would have to spend on gas and car rentals plus where to find a kayak? I think I will just take a plane but it was fun just to find out.

What interesting things have you found while searching the net lately? Share away!!


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