Naturecide Bug Spray Review

Bugs are creatures that I am not quite fond of. I am very squeamish every time I see them in my home. Anything that crawls that’s bigger than a lady bug I pretty much have to call my husband to kill and if he is not home, well lets just say it might die a horrible death. Around my home there is nothing but trees and land so you can guess how many bugs there are around here. I have smaller children in the house that constantly suck their thumb so finding a product that is safe around the home is a huge plus. Naturecide sent me a few products from their product line to review. These sprays are all natural, 100% chemical free, and safe to use around my dog and children. I am not really a huge plant person but they are safe to use around these as well.


First product that came is my favorite which is the pet flea and tick spray that my husband uses on our dog Diamond. I hate when we take her outside and she has all these ticks on her when she comes in. It seems to be a huge problem where we live at and every time she comes back inside my husband has to remove at least two off of her. Using this spray has kept them off and we have not seen any on her since using it. That makes me one happy camper knowing that she is tick free.

20120718-015010.jpgThe other three products sent were industrial strength pest management, outdoor pests, and indoor pests. These are my husbands words because he was the one who used them. These are great products however, I did find myself having to spray a lot to keep the bugs away and did not work that well at keeping flying insects away. In my opinion I am very pleased because I have not seen a spider or a crawling insect inside since he has used it (knock on wood). If there is a flying insect inside the house it is because one of the little ladies or hubby left the door open. As far as the smell goes, I am not really sure because he has never used it while the kids and I are around so I can not really rate it. I can just say that there is no kind of smell when we are here after he uses it. He uses it about two to three times a week to keep the insects at bay. The flea and tick spray he uses on Diamond every day. So there you have it! Naturecide gets both thumbs up in the Brown home.

Make sure you check out their entire product line that includes bed bug spray, ant spray, and commercial products. You can also stay up to date by liking them faceook too!! Thank you Naturecide for allowing us to review your products.

Naturecide has generously offered a giveaway where there will be 5 winners. Be sure to look out for that one very soon!!



  1. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    We live in a very rural area and I am very interested in the flea and tick spray. I have pets and 3 children and would love to try a safer product!

  2. says

    Most definitley I would need the Pet Spray for Fleas. I recntly acquired a cat (about 6 months old) and although I keep him indoors it is that time of year and I cannot be having any fleas on him! I have noticed he’s scratching more than usual so I’d better get on top of that right away!

  3. Amy Tolley says

    thanks for this great review…There are all kinds of ants out here this would be a great product to get thanks great reveiew…and i could even use this on the outside for the stray cats that keep coming in the yard and hanging on or around my front porch…for their fleas…..and the spiders YUK!!!!

  4. buddysmom100 says

    I don’t see the giveaway posted here yet, but I would love to try these products. I have a child, three dogs and three cats and I’m very sensitive to scents and chemicals. I would love to use something natural that actually works.

  5. Julie Klein says

    Wow, it sounds like a great product!! I love that it is safe for pets and people of course. If I even see spiders alive in the house I go nuts spraying every window and door. Usually I find them dead and that means it is working. I also worry though that my dog will suffer. I want to try this product out.

  6. jodi lasher says

    I would love to give this a try. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a rat, a gerbil and now a sugar glider lol..

  7. Michelle Smith says

    Great review. I think anything that really keeps away the creepy-crawlers is a great product. We’ve tried a few things in the past with really no luck. Thanks for the review!

  8. says

    I like the fact that they are all natural. Very curious though if they contain cedar oil?? My middle son is very sensitive to cedar oil sadly because that works great too.
    Melissa B. recently posted..Happy Dance!My Profile

  9. Jenny Stanek says

    I have 3 little ones so I feel much more comfortable using a product like this that is safe around children!

  10. Lacey Gross says

    Living in Florida I really need this. We have tried several brands already this year and none of them seemed to work well.

  11. Michelle Harasewicz says

    My husband’s cat keeps going outside, hopefully this will prevent fleas. I hope I win 🙂 Thank you bbproductsL

  12. Allyson Hunter says

    Being a pet owner of many felines means that I am always fighting the flea battle. This product appeals to me since it is safe for animals and doesn’t use harsh chemicals. I’d love to try it!

  13. Nancy Dadey says

    moved into a new apt last week and we have all been bitten by fleas, all of our pets live at the farm and now with us in town so the fleas must have been left behind by the former tenants

  14. Lisa Jestes says

    I would love to be able to try this, we have fleas bad this year in the south, as I am sure alot of areas do as well.

  15. says

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