Monday Pick Me Up Flash Giveaway!!!



Everyone knows that Monday’s are not the best days!

 So why not a little pick me up giveaway? 

One winner will get all of these items pictured above as well as a FREE Product Coupon for L’Oreal! 

Isn’t that a GREAT Pick Me Up? 
This prize sure would pick me up
Giveaway will only last 4 hours so be sure to get your entries in

Open to US ONLY!
Use the form below to enter! 


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Happy Couponing!


  1. Michelle Harasewicz says

    My favorite pick me up is my children, they brighten even the darkest days. I love them so much!

  2. Mary W says

    A great pick me up is finding a flash giveaway to lift my spirits. Just knowing I have a chance to win something makes me smile. And when Fed E or UPS show up at the door? WOW! Thank you for the great giveaways you offer.

  3. karen purcell says

    Chocolate or i love to see a baby laugh i get pictures on facebook from my cousins or my niece of there little kids and they make me smile everytime

  4. Wendie Lather says

    Well…since my daughter’s friend stopped over a little while ago with a giant bottle, and we had a couple shot fests in the kitchen, I would have to say JACK…because I haven’t felt this good on a Monday in a long time, lol!

    • Wendie Lather says

      Sitting in my air conditioned bedroom now, watching tv and playing on facebook…I’m happy but would be happier if I could kick my slump and win something! 🙂

  5. Penny Marshall-Oelberg says

    I would have to say my son always makes me smile when im down he is such a helper an so … are you alright Mom ♥ it just makes me feel good an I can say a warm bath jus lay in the water an close your eyes … yep that makes me smile 🙂

  6. charmaine Leger says

    My Children make me smile just by being who they are and being around. They are my world!!!

  7. Patty vazquez says

    My baby boy he always have a smile for me and that makes me happy all the time no matter what a rough day i had … thanks

  8. DAWN walsh says

    a call on skype from my son or daughter in law to see my grandson who is five months old He is sure to pick me up

  9. Barbara Blanton says

    Good book and a relaxing bath! And if my hubby is not the cause (LOL) he always knows how to make me smile 🙂

  10. Jamie Dodd says

    A little pampering usually does the trick. :0) A hot bath, some smell good lotion and a good movie on the couch. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  11. Heather Castle says

    My favorite pick me up is my 19 month old son. Any time I am having a bad day and feel sad, my little boy’s smile can make me feel a thousand times better. I am so thankful for my son, he makes me smile even on my worst of days. Also-thanks so much for the giveaway :).

  12. Robin Fortier says

    A nice hot bath, relaxing with a nice body makeover with facial mask and body lotion then a good movie or a nice book to read.

  13. Kimberly Turner says

    My favorite pick-me-up is SILENCE!! I have 2 girls (ages 15 and 8), so peace and quiet makes me happy!!

  14. says

    my greatest pick me up when I’m down is to be with my animals playing with them an loving on them..they relax me an really calm me! they let me know love an happiness are always in front of me!

  15. Cathie Shane says

    I usually take myself out for lunch or dinner and just relax with a good meal that I don’t have to cook for myself.

  16. Deanna Tate says

    A coke…I quit drinking it almost a year ago and drink strictly water. But when I’m having a bad day,that is the thing I want.

  17. paige fowler says

    my fav pick me up is spending time with my bf and our 4 dogs ^-^ it always puts me in a great mood

  18. Julie Klein says

    A cigarette!! Now that I am trying to quit I am gonna have to be happy with some of these other suggestions!!!

  19. mindy coffey says

    Getting an awesome freebie in the mail or when my youngest daughter says something to make me feel special!

  20. Susan Stahley says

    My favorite pick me up when I am having a bad day is chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting and a Mt. Dew to wash it down with.

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