Lehigh Valley Milk Review


We go through milk like crazy in my house. The kids love it and drink it daily with cereal and by itself. When we got offered to do a review on Lehigh Valley milk I was thrilled. Yay free milk!! We normally buy Lehigh Valley milk but I had no idea how great it was for you. Not only does it taste great but comes in a new pure protect bottle. This bottle protects the milk from light that degrades it’s taste, nutrition, and vitamins. Here are some great benefits of drinking Lehigh Valley milk. There is a 5 point purity checklist that our friends at Lehigh use before we get our milk each time.

  1. Farmers pledge not to use artificial growth hormones
  2. Milk that comes from cows are fed a nutritious diet
  3. Any milk that contains commonly used antibiotics are rejected
  4. Milk tested for quality at every key step
  5. Cold shipped from dairy to store within hours
Awesome right? When I went shopping to get our milk I chose regular 2% milk and the chocolate Trumoo. The kids see commercials for the trumoo all the time and have been bugging to try it. I had no idea that Lehigh was the brand and was excited when I saw it on the shelf. The girls love chocolate milk and this one is great because there is no high fructose corn syrup and still has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that their body needs.


Both milks are delicious and our family enjoy it on top of all the rest out there. I am not a huge chocolate milk drinker but this one was very tasty. With the new bottle I can truly taste the freshness. Thanks Lehigh Valley for allowing my family and I to test this out, you get ten thumbs up!

Almost forgot! Right now through September 5th Lehigh Valley is giving away a $100 grocery card each week. You can go here for your chance to win.


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    Wow! I love that the chocolate milk has no high fructose. My children love chocolate milk, I am going to look for this at the grocery store. Great Review!

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