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Everyone welcome to the Fire It Up, Kindle Fire Giveaway! Back to school will be here before you know and what better way to kick it off than with a NEW Kindle Fire!? Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom is bringing you this great prize sponsored by American Family just in time for school!
Enter using the form below. After all free is the best! Good luck everyone!

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Giveaway is open July 10st – July 24th
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  1. cortney walls says

    I love to read so I make time, even if it means less sleep! I just finished a book last night 🙂

  2. says

    I just got done reading a book cover to cover two days ago! I love to read! I read the History of Country Music cover to cover and this book has over 500 pages!

  3. Kristina Hartwick says

    I’m good at starting books, not so good at finishing them. I think I read a book cover to cover last summer…

  4. Amber Cavalier says

    I read daily, before bed. My daughter is in bed for 8 so its very easy to still be able to read. but to tote everything for her plus a book a couple inches thinch isnt easy!

  5. April says

    I’m in the process of reading the Harry Potter books right now. I’m a full time college student so I haven’t really had time to read a book cover to cover in quite some time

  6. Cathie Shane says

    i just read Sacajewia cover to cover again for about the 10th time. It is my favorite book and i read it once a year.

  7. Rachelle says

    Just the other day while waiting for classes at a horse show. It was so good to finish a book in one sitting…

  8. Loren valdez says

    About a month ago, i need to read a good book
    Soon, better yet with the kindle fire. Thanks for this

  9. Desiree T says

    I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve read a book from cover to cover. It was probably a psychology text in college.

  10. Jennifer Sharp says

    The last time that I have read a book from cover was for my Victorian Literature class and the book was entitled “The Burning of Bridget Cleary.”

  11. April ratani says

    I am in law school I read ALL the time. However, I haven’t read a book for fun in years . 🙁

  12. Angie Kissel Weightman says

    I am doing chemo and feeling like crap. It’s hard to get interested in much of anything but i have been reading a lot lately to keep my mind off other things. I love to read but don’t often take the time, that is going to change, I love reading.

  13. charity schroder says

    i go through spurts, I’ll read 4-5 books in a week, then go a few months without reading.
    i love iris johansen 🙂

  14. Christine Solazzo says

    i really love and appreciate these giveaways but 155 entries where i have to add 100 people to my facebook page and twitter accounts…come on…thats a little rediculous

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