Blankz Review


The kids love it when we get items in the mail for them to review. So you can just imagine the excitement on their faces when this arrived. Blankz are little plush animals that come blank (hence the name blankz) that you can color and design in any way you want to with their non toxic markers included in each kit. Best of all each blankz is washable so you can do a different design over and over again.


Characters available for purchase are bare, ele-faint, un-sealed, bare hare, no bully, white hound, and bloink. The blankz we received to review was bloink. Isn’t he cute?


Not only was this fun for the kids but I had a little part in helping color it too. This allowed us to spend some time doing an activity as a family which the kids and I always enjoy.


Blankz are available for purchase on their website for $14.99. Check out the list below and see what other members of the pitch list had to say about Blankz and how their families designed theirs!

Don’t forget to come back at midnight. We will be having a giveaway for you to enter for a chance to win one of your own.


  1. Kelley Johnsen says

    That is cool that the kids shared with you too. It would probably be days before I got to touch it, lol!


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