Purple LED Lights Review


These lights are so much more beautiful in person. This picture can not really do it any justice. I recently contacted this company to review these lights for a house party that I had and they agreed to send me these purple LED Christmas lights. These worked perfectly with the party, which you will see the pictures from that later in another post.

The lights are nice and bright but not blinding and go great at any kind of event you are planning. From weddings to birthday parties or anything that you can think of. The kids love them and plug them up whenever they are watching a movie to give it the effect they want. My mom thought they were really pretty and wants a pair o her own. We would love to try out some more colors that this company has to offer for any other upcoming parties we may have. Some orange colored ones would be perfect for a Halloween spooktacular!!

Overall these were a huge hit at the party and everyone enjoyed them.We still use them every day and the kids won’t let me take them down. Thank you HolidayLeds for allowing me to review and test these out in my home.

*This product was sent free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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