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Spring 2012 Dresses

Fashion to figure sent me this beautiful yellow and white striped jacket to review. Pink is really my color but I have been trying to think outside of the box lately. Trying to find cute clothing for a plus size woman like myself can certainly be a pain in the neck. Majority of the time the clothing in my size is so grandma-ish. No offence grandma, but just because I am plus sized does not mean I have to sacrifice style. I want to be a diva too!! Most of my clothes shopping is done online because I don’t always have the transportation to get to where I want to go. I love the variety of clothing and accessories that Fashion to Figure has to offer. Everything is at a price that I can afford and I don’t have to leave my home to get it .

When they gave me the okay to pick an item for review it seriously took me a little bit to decide which piece to choose from. Did I want one of many of their pretty dresses, or  a blouse? I finally went with this jacket which I think will go great with a nice pair of jeans or shorts. When it arrived it fit perfectly and the colors complement my skin very well. I will definitely be purchasing another item from their site, preferably a dress and some matching accessories. If you haven’t already, please check out fashion to figure to see if there is anything you might like. I am pretty sure you will!






(extra front picture)

**I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for a review here on my blog. No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own.


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