Awesome Mail Call Today

I got some great freebies in the mail today. Look what was waiting for me when I came through the door!


Here’s the rundown

1.) Free pair of flip-flops from iPANEMA. Aren’t they cute?!! These are not review items, they were apart of a promotion on Facebook a little while back.

2.) $25 Walmart gift card for doing a Skype chat for a product due to hit shelves soon.

3.) This is not really a freebie but some great news. It is a letter for an open call for my daughter to be in a pageant. She gets a free modeling photo shoot by a professional photographer and a set of digital photos with copyrights . I am super excited!!! This will be a great experience and can open up a lot of doors for her. Stay tuned for how it all goes down later next week!!

What goodies did you get today? I would love to hear.

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