Ready For My House Party

I received my party pack in the mail today from House Party. I am truly ready for my Kinect Rush House Party. I am glad it came before the kids got home from school so I could hide it until the day of the official party. Otherwise they would not let me hear the end of it. They are pretty excited for this one and all of their little cousins will be there. 
My kit came with the game, a poster, some post cards, and 15 lanyards. The site has just about everything I need to make my party a complete success. Can’t wait to show you all the pictures. Until then, check out House Party for other parties going on and coming up. 
* I received this party pack and all its’ contents for being a member of and being selected to host a party at my home on the selected date. No monetary or any other compensation was given. 


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    I love! I have been lucky enough to be chosen for two house parties this far and I look forward to more! What better reason to get together with your friends and family!!

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