Hidden Recycler Review

Guess what is inside this cabinet. Give up yet? It’s a hidden recycler that I got to review from Rubbermaid. Usually I usually just sit all of my recyclable’s on top of my dog cage for the hubby to take outside since it is so close to the door. This makes my front room  look cluttered and I am sure my pooch hates it. Instead, I can just put each can or bottle inside this hidden recycler and they are out of sight and out of mind. Everything I needed was included with it and set up was super easy.


Look at how neat that looks inside my kitchen cabinet, and the best part is that the bag is soft and bendable. That made it easy to get my cabinet to close even though I had items underneath that would have prevented it from doing so. I would not have been able to do that if the entire recycler was plastic which is a major plus for me.


Some other features include:

  • Easily attaches to a cabinet door with hooks that are included with the product or you may use screws.
  • Handle conveniently allows you to transport your recycler from where it is stationed to where you normally have your recyclable’s picked up
  • Bag is 5 gallons and holds up to 36 twelve ounce cans and can also fit a milk jug
  • Bag has a leak-proof liner that’s machine washable, making it easier to clean after unexpected spills
  • The bag and all packaging is made from recyclable material, and the product is also recyclable

I loved having this product and being able to review it. I love that besides the hooks it is undetectable and keeps my counters clean and free of unwanted clutter. Thanks Rubbermaid for allowing me to review this product. You may visit here to purchase or view more information on Rubbermaid.com. The Hidden Recycler is currently available for purchase online at Rubbermaid.com and in store at Meijer. Also, you can stop by facebook and twitter to follow this brand and get product updates.

Rubbermaid has also offered to do a giveaway so one of my readers can win a hidden recycler of their own. You can enter the giveaway by going here.

**Disclaimer: I was given a product free of charge for review purposes. A product of equal value will also be sent to one of my readers as part of a giveaway. No monetary payment was received and as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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