Ending The March Weight Loss Challenge

If you all did not know, I put together a weight loss challenge for March for myself and 25 ladies. Well today was the last day of the challenge and it is down to twelve ladies not including myself. This has been a very challenging month for me and I am sad to say I did not lose a pound, even gained a few. I am happy to say that even though I did not lose a pound, I have gained a life long friendship, bond, and support system with each and everyone of these ladies. Together as a total in just the three weeks without the final fourth week number my ladies have lost a total of 89 pounds. That is really something to brag about. I am so proud of each and everyone of these ladies and am so glad to have had them along for this ride. We are going into April continuing this challenge and I am so happy to have them by my side. I appreciate all the encouraging words and love we have, even just meeting and not knowing one another. Love you ladies and let’s rock the heck out of April!!


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    I am extremely happy on the weight loss of our group. I'm glad i found this group and was able to have such a good bond with you ladies. I hope we kick April's butt, and have fun doing it together. I love the inspiration from each and everyone of the ladies, i can truly say I am happy to call you all my friends!!

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    Losing weight has always been a struggle for me but this group of ladies was such a blessing i was able to lose more then i expected! I never thought it was possible to find such a group where i felt comfortable enough to announce my weight let alone live video weigh ins! Thank you ladies for everything and Heck yeah I'm ready for April!!

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    I am extremely happy to have been a part of this group! Definitely a lifelong bond and it has helped me stay motivated so well! I many have only lost 4 or 5 (I can't keep up) but I can't wait to continue and hope to loose even more!

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