Fun Bites Review

Fun Bites are a great way to get the kiddo’s excited about eating those foods they are not so happy to eat. These can be used to cut certain veggies, fruits, sandwiches, pancakes and much more. These fun innovations come in either square or heart shaped. I was sent the heart shaped one from fun bites and my little ladies could not wait to use these. They have so much fun cutting their sandwiches and making cute little shapes to eat them in. These are very easy to use. First choose what you want to cut, make sure you press down hard and rock back and forth a few times until you can see the shape cut through. Then use the small part to push your meal through. There you have it, lunch is served! 
Here is my daughter’s pb&j; she made. This one was a little messy because all of the jelly and peanut butter squished out. Product is dishwasher safe and make sure to have something like a bottle washer to clean out the tiny cracks if washing it by hand. 
I received one of these products from fun bites in exchange for a review here on my blog. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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