Sonfish Gear

Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone,
Today I wanted to inform you of an opportunity to do fundraisers through an organization called Sonfish Gear. They offer a variety of christian products at wholesale prices to resell for your fundraiser through their fundraiser program. If you are not interested in doing  a fundraiser they still offer their car emblem with more products becoming available for individual purchase in 2012. Sunglasses, hats, and iPhone cases are some just to name a few. This is great in my opinion because it allows you to gift to everyone on your list while spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

The message behind Sonfish emblem is to remind Christians that Jesus, the son of god is always shining his love upon us. Now isn’t that a wonderful message to spread?  To get more information on Sonfish and their ministry or if you are interested in their fundraiser program please visit their website at

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