I am very exited to be apart of and share a powerful movement with all of you. So many things are leading our younger generation astray nowadays. Moonsitters, aside from the many talents that god has blessed her with was founded by Jasmine Stevens.


Sadly our generation of youth are falling into the world of drugs, sex, and other questionable behaviors. It’s no time than the present to show that there’s other positive projects to partake in while making a difference.

Moonsitters is a movement that will hope to help make a difference by encouraging the youth to succeed in any goals imagined. Teaching them how to have the drive and staying committed while reaching for the stars, or better yet not stopping until they are sitting on the moon.

This youth empowerment has taken off very quickly and hopes to expand world-wide while educating the youth on the importance of learning, dedication, and teaching others how to stay motivated in accomplishing their dreams.


Motivated by everyday struggles and future hopes, Jazz plans on making it to the top and not stopping until she is sitting on the moon. With inspired titled songs such as “Ambition” and “I’m Ready”, she tells her own story while encouraging others to become committed and determined intent to reaching their dreams. She is truly a moonsitter!

Please support the movement by following @moonsitters and Jazz on twitter.

Let’s continue to motivate each other, support this movement, and spread the word. There is someone, somewhere who needs to know that there is nothing beyond our reach. It doesn’t stop here. Keep pushing, stay positive, and be blessed.


  1. breanna harrington says

    I’m glad that this is out there. from my personal life i wish someone would have reached out to me and helped me to focus and succeed. I’m following this now and hopefully i will learn a few things to pass on to friends, family and my son! would love to see better futures for the next generations to come 🙂

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