Kindle Fire Review

I got my Kindle Fire this Christmas. This is what it looks like before I took it out of the box.
This is what It looked like after I took it out of the box and started to play with it putting my security lock on it.
There are a lot of features that I love but a couple that I don’t like about my Kindle Fire. Let’s start with my likes.
1. It is small enough to easily fit in my purse for travel and long car rides with my husband. That makes it the right size for me.
2. It is not like the average e reader. It easily connects to the Internet and has
other apps and games that keep me entertained.
3. I can stay connected to all my social networks on the go with this device.
4. I love how the screen looks. The colors are very nice and the quality of it is great and it is very easy to read the screen.
5. This is my first kindle but I love that there are so many books available to download and read. Being able to read a sample of the book before you purchase it is also a great perk that I love.
6. It is good for all ages. I have apps and games on there that even my four year old can play with.

There are only two things that I do not like about my Kindle Fire.
1. Screen is sometimes unresponsive to the touch.
2. Sometimes when I am browsing the Internet it seems to crash on me. Maybe this is something that I can bring to their attention.
Other than that I have been in love with this thing since I unwrapped it on Christmas Day.
Below are more photos. Thank you and hope you enjoyed.

*This was a gift I received for Christmas. I was in no way compensated by Kindle or Amazon for this review. All opinions are my own.


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    Yes Shannon that was one of the main reason why I wanted it. The original kindle can only read books but this is newly released. Tawnee, I don't know much about the nook but it is great from what my teacher told me. Both have a great reputation but I can only speak from my experience. Thank you both for the read.

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