Good Movie To Watch on a Lazy Day

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I wanted to share with my readers a movie I watched the other day called Soul Surfer. I thought this was a great movie. For those of you that never watched or seen it before it is about a female surfer that loses her arm to a shark attack. I personally like the movie because it showed me that no matter how bad I feel my situation is in life, it could be worse. This girl lost her arm and still managed to have the strength and courage not to let that knock her down but to get back up and try again. Every day wasn’t easy for her. She had to learn how to surf again and do life’s everyday tasks with one arm. Through it all, she made the best of her situation and helped others to face their fears. I know that this movie encouraged me to move forward with the things that have been holding me back for years. All around a great movie to watch in your spare time with the family.

“Courage is the best slayer-courage which¬†attacketh, for in every attack there is the sound of triumph.”

Does anyone have suggestions on a movie you have seen or heard of lately? I would love a good movie to watch this weekend.

*I did not receive any compensation for this review. These are my true and honest opinions.

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