Clarol Foam Hair Dye

I just used the Clarol Nice and Easy Color Blend Foam color black. I bought this with my own money from Shoprite on sale for $6.99 but with $2.oo coupon I ended up paying $4.99. Here is my opinion on this product. Overall I give it a 4 out of 5. It was very easy to use. All I did was combine the activator  and formula together then shook it three times, let it sit for 30 seconds as per the directions and put on the foam dispenser lid. Pretty much all you do after that is squeeze the bottle in the middle and start to apply to foam to your hair as if you are shampooing your hair. It was very simple and easy to use and took less than two minutes to apply. It wasn’t messy at all and it processed within seconds. Basically very effortless on my part. The smell however is what took away a point from it being a perfect five. However, with it being dye you would expect the smell not to be that pleasant anyway. The third step conditioner did smell really good and there is an extra one to use a week after. Clarol did a very good job in making a do it yourself  job like mine a lot easier. I will be trying this again in another color very soon.

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