2012 Won’t Know What Hit It!

With 2011 behind me, I am ready and looking forward for 2012 to being one of the most prosperous year for myself and those around me. So many things that held me back in 2011 will no longer hold me back this year. I will no longer talk about it but put many things into action. 

Starting today, January 1, I will be participating in more activities with my family and friends. Whether it be just going outside for a walk together or staying in baking cookies, getting the family together is a great way to stay connected with each other. 
Putting God first as always and making time for me is on the top of the list of resolutions. Lord willing, I plan on dropping fifteen pounds by my thirtieth birthday in February. These are just a few of many goals but are very reachable. I will be keeping each and every single one of them.

Happy New Year to everyone and lets bring 2012 in with a bang!

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