TastyKake for your Valentine


As a child, I found Valentine’s Day to be so much more fulfilling than as an adult. Maybe it is the sweet innocence, no standards to weight against. Just an in school party, little cards to give and receive, and of course the treats. When my kids bring their school lunches, I always try to […]

Sunshine in the middle of Winter!


That is what Halos always make me feel when I see them.  And now is the time for the best citrus of the year!  Halos mandarins are the perfect snack for the health concious, as well as to let the kids snack to their hearts content.  And right now they are in the prime for […]

Sweets for your sweethearts from Hershey’s


Disclaimer* I received packages of Hershey‘s candy for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.   Hershey’s has some great new additions to their awesome Valentine’s line of chocolate. I am very excited to share the ones we tried and loved. Great new twists on some old […]

Ora, the round paper towel


Disclaimer* I received a package of Ora paper towels for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.   Ora, the round paper towel, a great new twist on a product used by 311 million Americans in 2016. Ora paper towels are stacked with no inner tube, so less […]

Unmissable Sights On A Deep South Road Trip

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While California often takes the plaudits when it comes to great road trips in America, the Deep South offers a huge amount for fans of the open road. With miles to cover and plenty of incredible attractions to visit, it’s a fascinating adventure or family holiday to try to get to grips with this sometimes […]

Brix by Blue Orange games


Disclaimer* I received Brix by Blue Orange games for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.   Are you looking for a great new game to play with your children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces? I’ve got one for you! Brix by Blue Orange Games!   There are three […]

Give Your Child Some Space With A Playroom

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If you can allow it, giving a child their own space is a great way to keep toys controlled and offers a safe place to play. Most children treasure a space of their own besides their bedrooms. When decorating a playroom, always think about safety. No matter the age of your child, protection comes first. For […]

There’s A Place For You On The Red Carpet Of Your Dreams!

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Image from Wikimedia Wherever we go, we see celebrities. They’re the unattainable level of glamour. They are the goal. When we’re young, we have dreams of making it to the red carpet ourselves. As we get older, we see that fame isn’t so appealing as it once seemed. Even so, there’s still some appeal. There’s […]

Stress RX Supplement Review


  Disclaimer: I received this product for free for a review and my honest opinion   I have been  taking Stress Rx for over a week now and I can already feel the difference in the way I feel. I am much calmer than I was before and I feel so at ease with everything, […]