Loving My Hair No Matter What #Hairapy #WomensRogaine #AD


  Disclosure: This post was developed in partnership with Women’s Rogaine®. All opinions are my own. Hair loss is no laughing matter but there is help out there thanks to Women’s Rogaine®. It’s important to know that you’re not alone and that in women, hair loss is not uncommon. Hereditary Hair Loss is the most common […]

Clever Paper Crafting Hacks

Are you looking for new and creative ideas for your paper crafting projects? When you are crafting with paper it’s fun to think outside the box and come up with new ways of doing things. Here are some ideas for paper crafting hacks that will inspire your crafting in an exciting way. Why not try […]

Holiday Saving Tips


As the holidays draw closer, the gift buying frenzy begins. Trying to find the right gifts for the right people at the right time can seem quite impossible. While you always have the option to pay less for your shopping by using coupons for Kohl’s and other popular stores, which can be easily found on […]

Benefits of Hosting Your Kids Birthdays Away from Home


Everybody loves a good party, whether you’re six or sixty-six. However, many, understandably, don’t like the logistics that often come into them. Hosting a party is hard work at the best of times, and kids parties doubly so. So when people consider planning their child’s next birthday party, they may find themselves wishing they could […]

Stranger Danger – How to Educate Your Kids Without Scaring Them

For most parents, nothing is as scary as losing their child to kidnappers or child molesters. Since most parents can’t watch their kids all day every day, they need to teach their kids how to avoid strangers without making them unnecessarily afraid. The good thing is most kids will instinctively avoid mean and scary looking […]

Keeping Your Kitchen Free of Dangerous Germs: Five Tips from the Pros

No matter how clean you like to keep your house, chances are that you wouldn’t like having dangerous germs anywhere near your food. Thus, keeping the kitchen in pristine condition becomes a task of paramount importance, even if you let your kids pile clothing pyramids on the floors of their rooms. Getting rid of the […]

How To Save Money On Everything Without Even Trying

how to save money

Saving money is hard work, for sure. Nobody can deny that. But if you still want to increase your savings and want to enjoy spending much less on everything without even doing too much work – here are some tips and tricks on how to do it efficiently. Some of it is logical and easy […]