Catch Disney’s Classic THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Halloween Weekend


  Excited about Halloween? Then you might be interested to know about this! Catch Disney’s classic THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Halloween weekend, Friday, October 28th – Monday, October 31st. It will be playing exclusively in over 200 Regal cinemas locations nationwide, so here’s your chance to take the family! Tickets are now on sale at select Regal theaters. For tickets and […]

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Hits Theaters Nov. 4th 2016!


  I have to admit, I’m a huge Marvel movie fan but I wasn’t too sure about how I would feel about Doctor Strange since I don’t know too much about the character. However, judging by the featurette below, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty interesting and epic movie to go see […]

It’s Official! ANT-MAN Hits Theaters This Friday!


It’s official! The new ANT-MAN movie will hit theaters this Friday! Although this is not really a character I get excited about, some of the previews really has me interested in seeing how good it may be. I guess i’ll have to wait a couple more days to see it but in the meantime, let’s […]

Marvel’s ANT-MAN Coming to Theaters July 17


  Disclosure: Images and materials have been provided by Disney. Itching for some previews of the new ANT-MAN due to be released later this summer? We’ve got just what you’re looking for to heighten your anticipation! Below you can find some new clips from the movie. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!! ANT-MAN opens in theaters […]

“What Is Tomorrowland” Featurette


The more I hear about Tomorrowland, the more I want to see it. Call me a big kid but we all have a little bit of childhood somewhere at heart. Tomorrowland, which will be released in theaters May 22, 2015, seems like it will be a great film for the entire family to go out […]

New Marvel’s Ant-Man Trailer


Might I interest you in a brand new trailer for Marvel’s ANT-MAN, starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas? The movie is due to be release this summer on July 17th and if you’ve been waiting to get a sneak peek, here’s your chance. You’re welcome and enjoy!! STORY SYNOPSIS: The next evolution of the Marvel […]

Avengers Fans Unite! Marvels Age of Ultron Opens May 1


  It won’t be long until the Avengers Age of Ulton movie premiers in theaters. Ok, well maybe we still have a little while longer to get to May 1st but it’s slowly creeping closer. If you can’t seem to wait that long, here’s a clip to hopefully keep you until the big premier!! *All […]

Disney Cinderella Coloring Sheets


Have you had a chance to get out to see the new Disney’s Cinderella movie? If you’re snowed in like me and looking for some fun activities for the kids, check out these coloring sheets on the blog. Keep the kids busy and add some added fun to your weekend even if you can’t make […]