Summer Mani / Pedi Inspiration from Julep + Polish Deal!

nail polish

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links.  Bring on the nail polish! Summer is arriving soon and it’s time for a shade shake up! Switch up the season with these fresh polish pairing trends from Julep. Plus, take advantage of their limited time Buy One, Get One offer – buy any mani polish and get your pedi polish for […]

Classic French Perfume made Organically

Acorelle Balance Gift Set

Fine French Frangrances are well known to be overwhelmingly potent and often unethically made.  Well Acorelle has raised the bar with their offerings.  They use sustainably sourced products to produce their collection of frangrances, and they really attempt to respect both nature as well as people in their company.  I was lucky enough to review […]

What To Look For in Anti Aging Skin Creams

Everyone is on the lookout for a quick fix when it comes to anti aging skin creams. Wouldn’t it be great to find a product that actually did what it said on the tin, and made your skin look clearer, younger and firmer? Well, the good news is that there are a good few miracle […]

The Natural Whitening of Skin

The natural whitening of skin can relate to the bleaching, brightening as well as lightening thereof. Skin whitening is the cosmetic process involved whereby chemicals or other elements are used to even out and lighten skin tone by reducing the intensity of skin pigmentation or melanin present within the skin. Skin whitening procedures originated in […]

Combat Dark Eye Circles With Retinol

If you are one of the millions who suffer from dark circles around your eyes even though you’re not a panda, don’t panic! Dark circles are caused by a variety of factors; from lack of sleep to sun damage and aging, and even genetic predisposition to dark circles. There is, at last, a product that […]

Stem Cells Skin Care Products to Keep Your Skin Young

Have you ever wondered why the skin loses its shine, starts to wrinkle and sag as the time goes by? Time leaves signs and lines in our skin, but there’s no philosophical or mystical reason for that. As we age, the restorative powers of our cells start to wane, and one of the side effects […]