TastyKake for your Valentine


As a child, I found Valentine’s Day to be so much more fulfilling than as an adult. Maybe it is the sweet innocence, no standards to weight against. Just an in school party, little cards to give and receive, and of course the treats. When my kids bring their school lunches, I always try to […]

Sunshine in the middle of Winter!


That is what Halos always make me feel when I see them.  And now is the time for the best citrus of the year!  Halos mandarins are the perfect snack for the health concious, as well as to let the kids snack to their hearts content.  And right now they are in the prime for […]

Merry and Macabre!


Adult coloring books are one of the most popular things going right now.  We are reminded of our carefree days coloring as youths, but now we are allowed to use the permanent markers!  But for people who have a darker side, there are also *Adult* Coloring books.  Mister Sam Shearon will delight the darker set […]

Freeze Dried Fruit for Everyone


Dried Fruit is one of my all time favorite snacks.  It is portable, delicious, nutritious, but usually contains preservatives that I am allergic too.  Sulfite allergies have plagued me since I was little, and it really makes me sad when I pick up a bag of dried fruit, read the label and see that I […]

Winter flavors from Tasty Kake


Winter, it is the time of year for sweet treats, family, cups of hot beverages, and family get together.  It seems like this time of year I am always getting drop ins from friends and family and to be completely honest, I am a horrible baker!  Luckily Tasty Kake has me covered!  Their winter lineup […]

Great gift for kids who love Matchbox cars

Paper Trax

Matchbox cars are one of those toys that never go out of style.  Even older kids just love pushing around, and sometimes crashing, the die cast cars.  Others collect them, even adults!  I know my two kids have always loved their cars.  Even as they get older, time and time again when I try to […]

Holiday Cheer for Adults!


I love making presents for family and friends, in fact it is a tradition now.  And this just might be this year’s perfect ‘Made by Me’ gift!  Cranberry Spice Moonshine. Everclear makes it easy to make your own drinks, and you can customize them to fit the palates of your giftees or party guests.  In […]

Perfect for Everyday Cooking


There are some things in my home that are pantry staples.  Chicken and Beef Broth are one of them.   Broth adds a lovely burst of flavor to dishes, as well as being the base to many others.  The problem with store bought broth, while convenient, it is often loaded with sodium and you are never […]