Flavor your water with Stevia!


We have all been hearing about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, but some folks feel like they don’t have a better option to get a good flavor in their drinks without the calories piling on. It is of course recommended we drink a lot of water daily, but that is not always easy!  I grew […]

Valentines to really stand out!

Peaceable Kingdom

Valentines Day cards are a time honored tradition in many public schools.  And the selection of the ‘right’ card for your kids to give to their classmates can often be such a hassle.  Between limited selections for boys that aren’t going to make them blush, to having to buy 2 or 3 packs just to […]

Classic French Perfume made Organically

Acorelle Balance Gift Set

Fine French Frangrances are well known to be overwhelmingly potent and often unethically made.  Well Acorelle has raised the bar with their offerings.  They use sustainably sourced products to produce their collection of frangrances, and they really attempt to respect both nature as well as people in their company.  I was lucky enough to review […]

A Vodka for your Sweetheart!

Zodiac Vodka

I admit, I am a fan of flavored vodkas, I like the way the flavors play on my palate.  However I am not a huge fan of cherry flavored anything.  Probably from too many doses of codeine cough syrup as a kid.  However the makers at Zodiac have come up with a fantastic Black Cherry […]

Real Peanut Butter in Fantastic Flavors

Peanut Butter & Co

In this day and age, peanut butter is starting to be less about the peanuts and more about the additives to cut costs.  Peanut butter has been a staple in many homes for ages, and now you have to be worried that the peanut butter you sneak to your pets could kill them.  All because […]

Help your Kids drink more water

Aqua Ball

This is the time for New Years Resolutions.  And every year I make the same ones.  Drinking more water.  However I grew up on well water, and trying to drink city water is so difficult for this country gal.  So I took up bottled water, and of course I can’t expect my kids to drink […]

Pure Maple Sugar


Artificial sugars are getting a lot of scrutiny these days, and rightly so!  There are so many delicious natural options that don’t require chemists or unpronounceable words.  Tonewood Maple has made this very clear in a delicious way. This company based in Vermont does what New Englanders do best, make Maple Sugar Syrup.  But they […]

Don’t let Stress get you down!


Keep Calm and Color!  That is what the latest trend says, to sit down with an intricate coloring book and focus on that.  As a woman with a degree in Psychology, focus of Art Therapy, I can say that coloring *IS* indeed theraputic.  Doesn’t matter if you are using paint, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, or […]