Everyday Bourbon


Bourbon is one of those American classics.  Seems like everyone has a bottle of it in their liquor cabinets, usually for mixing when folks come over.  Not everyone is a fan however, but for bourbon lovers, Jim Beam  is just one of those drinks that is for everyday.  You don’t have to drop an entire paycheck for […]

Sugar Free Energy Drinks


We are always told to drink more water and less sugary drinks.  For good reason, your body needs to stay hydrated, and the more you are on the go the more water you need!  However some days it is hard to drink regular water, you might feel like you need a solid pick me up […]

Kitchen knives for the modern cook.


Knives are one thing you need in every kitchen.  Most people don’t understand the importance of getting good quality knives, because well they can be very pricey. However when you start using a great knife, you often wonder how you ever survived without one.  That is how I felt when I opened up my Sabatier […]

Oatmeal on the Go


Life these days are so busy. We are running around from the moment we get up until we lay down to sleep.  Between work, kids, play, and everything that crops up in between, it can be difficult to find time for healthy snacks.  Well Munk Pack has a great option for snacking on the go. […]

Snack Smarter With Olives


When you are getting a craving for a salty snack, you can either go for the bag of chips the kids left behind, or reach for a different option,  Gaea’s snack pack of olives.  They come in a variety of olives, like Kalamatta, Green, and Black, but also with different flavorings.  The chili and black […]

It’s Adventure Time

Photo Courtesy of CartoonNetwork

Grab your friends! And children, because Cartoon Network’s original duo Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are out on a brand new mini series adventure. For those readers who are not familiar with Adventure Time, It is a cartoon set in a fantasy world where humans are endangered and all sorts of interesting creatures […]

TastyKake for your Valentine


As a child, I found Valentine’s Day to be so much more fulfilling than as an adult. Maybe it is the sweet innocence, no standards to weight against. Just an in school party, little cards to give and receive, and of course the treats. When my kids bring their school lunches, I always try to […]

Sunshine in the middle of Winter!


That is what Halos always make me feel when I see them.  And now is the time for the best citrus of the year!  Halos mandarins are the perfect snack for the health concious, as well as to let the kids snack to their hearts content.  And right now they are in the prime for […]

Merry and Macabre!


Adult coloring books are one of the most popular things going right now.  We are reminded of our carefree days coloring as youths, but now we are allowed to use the permanent markers!  But for people who have a darker side, there are also *Adult* Coloring books.  Mister Sam Shearon will delight the darker set […]