Potential roof issues you need to consider

Five Potential roof issues you need to consider

Roof, more than any other part of your home, should be inspected regularly. Replacing a roof can be a very expensive venture and most homeowners would like to prolong its life expectancy as much as possible.

Luckily for you, most roof repairs and maintenance tricks are rather easy; you just need some goodwill for it! So, instead of spending money on a roofing service or a roofing contractor, why don’t you put it into something more useful such as family vacation?

Our guests today are the Vancouver roofers from DoItRightRoofing.ca who will share 5 easy tips that can save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

  1. Regular maintenance

Like your car, roof requires regular maintenance because there might be some issues which you haven’t even noticed. This maintenance period becomes shorter as the years go by. At first, you should check it twice a year, prior and after winter. However, as the roof starts showing signs of wear and tear, this needs to be performed much more frequently, let’s say once every 3 months. Now, you don’t necessarily have to make any repairs. Still, you can always clean the roof.

  1. Being proactive with shingles

Most US homes rely on asphalt shingles. Although this material is very cheap and easy to install, it is also very fragile. That being said, it is only natural that most homeowners will have some sort of an issue with their roof. Shingles have a very important protective function. Unfortunately, even the slightest damage to one of them can lead to a domino effect. If one of your shingles is jeopardized, it won’t be long until others go with it. This is why people often have to repair the whole sections of the roof. No matter what, each time you go to the roof, make sure to splash it with water from the hose so you can determine which shingles are damaged.

  1. Gutter maintenance

Besides shingles and tiles, your gutters also require extra care. They get clogged with various debris over time which impairs their function. This will lead to retention of water on the roof and this increased humidity will have a devastating effect. Besides cleanliness, you will also have to pay attention to any damage to shingles. If they are damaged, rainwater will start dripping down the side of your house.

  1. Trim the trees

All of us love trees. Nevertheless, they are a big hazard not only for roofs but homes in general. Rain, wind, thunder, can all have an impact on it and tear it down. In terms of the roof, branches are one of the biggest culprits. They tend to swing violently during storms which can affect various elements of the roof. Also, they might break some of the windows depending on their positioning. Best way to deal with this is by trimming the nearby trees from time to time.

  1. Checking the chimney

Nowadays, there are lots of homes that don’t even have a chimney. Instead, they use some other heating method. But, there are lots of those who still rely on them. The biggest issue with chimneys is the flashing surrounding them. It is usually a thin metal that can easily be damaged. Given how important it is for sealing nooks and crannies, flashing should always be in great shape.

With these tips, you  might never have to call roofing company. Instead, you can start your own maintenance tomorrow.

As you can see, the whole process is rather straightforward and once you get a hang of it, you will be able to perform your scheduled maintenance in no time!


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