These Upgrades Will Make Your House More Desirable to Buyers


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Is your house taking longer than you’d like to sell? If you’re keen to get out (while making as much money as you can) it can make sense to improve your property. The last thing you might feel like doing when you want to move home is put money into a place you won’t even be living in, but the extra profit you can make can be well worth the effort. Alternatively, you might not be looking to sell right now, but be keen to know what upgrades you can make now and enjoy while reaping the rewards later. Here are some ideas.


Air conditioning

In certain places in the work, air conditioning is absolutely essential- and you simply couldn’t live comfortably without it. However, there are others that don’t really require it aside from a portion of time in the summer. Most people tend to live without it and make do with fans and opening windows, meaning homes that AC is a bit of a luxury and those that have it tend to stand out. It’s the kind of thing that you’re so grateful for whenever there’s a heatwave, and a home which is already kitted out with air conditioning will certainly be an attractive prospect to a buyer. If you already have AC but it’s not working well, look into hvac repair companies before you put your home on the market. If this is something you’ve been considering for yourself, it’s worth bearing in mind that when you sell later on, you’ll more than likely recoup your costs (and then some) so it’s a good investment.


Decking in the garden

Decking looks smart and attractive, and is something that buyers tend to appreciate. Research has even shown that decking can increase your property’s value, so if you’re planning on smartening up the garden as a way to gain more money on your house then this is something to think about.


Any eco friendly features

As a society, we’re becoming more and aware of the impact we’re having on the environment. From global warming to acid rain, plastic in the oceans and much more, many of us want to do what we can to protect the planet we live on. And since most of that begins at home, anything which has eco friendly features will always be appreciated. From solar panels to good insulation in the walls and loft to good quality windows. Buyers know that as well as protecting the earth, they’ll save money on their fuel bills too.


Neutral decor

Buyers want to walk into a home and imagine themselves living there. Very personal touches such as bold colours and patterns can distract from this. Light, neutral shades make your rooms look as big and bright as possible. Dress the home with a few key pieces to make it look inviting- a clock, a plant, a rug and some basic furniture. Pack away anything you don’t need and store it for when you move so everything feels spacious and uncluttered.


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