Scotty D’s “Expresso Lion” Blend Coffee Review


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Scotty D’s Signature Espresso blend with a dark french roast. This blend consists of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee combined with gourmet varietals from South and Central America. The “Espresso Lion” Blend combines robust flavors immersed with chocolaty and buttery undertones. The balanced, rich, smooth taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is magnified by the french roast. The quality of Scotty D’s is captured in the perfect bold cup of coffee.   I love this coffee because it has a great taste with a rich aroma , but don’t take my word, visit Scotty D’s site and order a bag or two for yourself or order some for Christmas gifts for all your coffee lovers, They will very happy, Retails for $14.99 USD


It was in 1728 that Sir Nicholas Lawes the then Governor of Jamaica imported coffee into the Island from Martinique. The country was ideal for coffee cultivation and nine years after its introduction 83,000 lbs. of coffee was exported. Between 1728 and 1768, the coffee industry developed largely in the lower mountain ranges of St. Andrew, but gradually the cultivation extended into the higher elevations of the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountain Coffee is touted by coffee connoisseurs as the best coffee in the world. The exceptional flavor, and smooth taste makes Blue Mountain Coffee reign supreme.

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Chemex 10-Cup Pour-Over Wood Collar Glass Coffee Maker-$34.99 USD


Scotty D’s “Black Lion” T-Shirt (Black)-$7.50 USD


Scotty D’s “100%” Coffee Mug-$18.99 USD

ScottyCoffee_042517_Sny__12_grande 1

Scotty D’s “Golden Lion” Blend- $13.99 USD


There are several Products and coffee you can choose from, Visit their site for yourself and buy the Best Coffee in the world

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Damian Scott is the founder of Scotty D’s Jamaican Coffee. Damian Scott had a dream to bring Jamaican Coffee to the forefront of coffee drinkers worldwide. Damian Scott is carrying on the legacy of Jamaican Coffee that his grandfather Walter Scott started many decades ago. Scotty D’s Jamaican Coffee officially opened for business in 2014 and the headquarters is located in Orange County, California. Scotty D’s Jamaican Coffee specializes in 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and various Blue Mountain blends. The business currently sells roasted coffee primarily on the online store.




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