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For students who find that university life is starting to get the best out of them, hiring a writing service company turns out to be one of the best solutions ever. Hiring a professional academic writing service such as the one that Advanced Writers offers can bring students an incredible amount of benefits. For one, as you will hand over the heavy responsibility of academic work to talented professionals, you will be able to focus on other activities, tasks or assignments that you thought you had not been able to complete. Secondly, because of the excellent reputation and successful record of these writers, you can be entirely trusting that the work you are given back will be of great quality and deserving of a good grade.

Since Advanced Writers has student customers from all over the world studying in hundreds of different universities, it recognizes that there are many different requirements that students may have. Therefore, you will be given the opportunity to have direct contact with the author taking care of your essay in order for you to state and make clear any requirements or specifications that you may have. For example, you may want the writer to use a certain referencing style, keep under a maximum amount of words, touch upon specific points, etc.

Although the writers at Advanced Writers have undergone a series of complicated and difficult tasks to prove their proficiency at writing academic papers, there is always the possibility of students being unhappy with the results. For example, some of the problems that students may find in their papers are incompatible with the essay topic, failure to comply with the specifications that were made on behalf of the student, being accused of plagiarism from the university or perhaps being scored a low grade. In the case of any of these instances happening, Advanced Writers has an incredible customer service that will look at each case carefully and will do their best at resolving them in the quickest and best way possible.

24/7 Support

In contrast to other writing service companies who are only available for 8 hours a day, Advanced Writers customer service center works around the clock during every day of the week. Whether you choose to reach them by phone (except on the Saturdays and Sundays), on social media, on their live chat or through their email, the customer service at Advanced Writers  will be available and willing to help regardless of what the problem might be. This means that you will be able to get an answer quickly in a matter of minutes rather than having to wait for specific working hours.

In case of a grave issue (in case you express serious concern), the support system will work to the best of their abilities to resolve this dispute.

Often, in the case you are dissatisfied with the final paper, you will be able to request a review and even ask for a refund.

The support system is also responsible for ensuring that each piece that is delivered to you is completed by the deadline that you require it to be done at. It also makes sure (by double checking) that the work is completely original and unique so that it passes plagiarism checks and tests flawlessly. In fact, Advanced Writers takes plagiarism so seriously that they have put forward a strict zero tolerance for plagiarism policy. Punctuality and plagiarism are two issues that are treated with the utmost seriousness and care, so you can expect nothing less than perfection in these two realms.

Contact Hours

Since Advanced Writers is set on an online platform, it means that you will be able to request a professional essay writing from these talented academic experts whenever and wherever you find yourself. Regardless of what the topic is, where you study and what the timeline is (while respecting the urgency regulations that this company has set forward), you will be able to ask questions about a potential piece you want to be written or even ask for updates for a paper that is being worked on at the moment.

In other words, it could not be made clear enough how the 24/7 support system that Advanced Writers has to offer is the “cherry on the cake” when it comes to convincing students about contacting a writing service. Besides benefitting from an enormous amount of free time feeling less stressed and enjoying the good grades that the writers are able to provide you with, their customer service is able to settle any disputes, doubts, troubles or questions you may have. From questions about the company itself to wanting to settle misunderstandings and inconsistencies, the incredibly reliable 24/7 service will be able to do it all.


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