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Disclaimer; I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion

Healbe GoBe is a personal data measurement system with the core objective of providing information on the
user’s functional status. By “functional status,” they mean the whole set of parameter estimates showing the condition of the human organism’s key systems (i.e. endocrine, nervo¬us, cardiovascular systems, etc.)

The system consists of a wristband that reads the main parameters; a smartphone with embedded Healbe
software; and a website, where basic info on the user and his or her health is stored. The user alone has access to the data.  The Healbe GoBe2 Wearable Wellness & Nutrition Tracker has helped me so much with my daily intake of food, water, calories , energy balance, heart rate, sleep quality, energy burned and so much more, this Tracker is much better than your average Fitbit, I feel like I have control of my daily life and I highly recommend this for everybody who wants a complete view of their health.
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GoBe is equipped with the following three sensors for monitoring primary parameters:
measures blood flow and heart rate
uses different frequencies to measure fluid levels in tissues
measures body movement and activity
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The specific data from these sensors is not shown to the user. Instead, Healbe FLOW Technology uses an

advanced algorithm to calculate the following secondary parameters, which provide useful insights to the end-use;

Calorie intake
Calories burned in the process of metabolism and physical activity
Composition and quantity of macro-nutrients from food and drinks (e.g. fats, carbohydrates)
Water intake
Number of steps and distance covered
Heart rate
Arterial blood pressure
Sleep quality and efficiency
REM sleep phases

Stress level monitorin

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  • TRACKS YOUR NET CALORIES AUTOMATICALLY – Typical calorie counting tools rely on averages and estimations from what you eat. Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology estimates the amount of carbs/fat/protein, net calorie deficit (which causes weight loss) or surplus (which causes weight gain) that are crucial for healthy weight management.
  • KNOW & LEVERAGE YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL – Patented technology measures activity and body movement. This sensor counts your steps, as well as distance traveled. A pulse wave sensor measures your heart rate, so it can tell when you’re active and when you’re not. By combining your activity level with calorie intake, the predicted calorie deficit is important for not starving yourself or overeating, both of which are crucial to avoid for reaching your desired body weight without losing lean body mass.
  • KNOW WHEN TO DRINK – Proper hydration is vital to your general health and workout performance. Your hydration level depends on your body requirements and activity level. Using FLOW and the Impedance sensor, Healbe GoBe2 automatically measures your hydration level and reminds you when to drink water, based on your body’s needs.

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  • KNOW & REDUCE YOUR SLEEP DEFICIT – The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your productivity, emotional balance, and weight. GoBe2 analyzes your heart rate and movement to model your waking, REM and regular sleep periods, and reports total sleep, quality of sleep, waking minutes, and sleep efficiency metrics. GoBE2 uses this data to recommend how much sleep you need the next day thus helping you actively reduce sleep deficit.
  • MANAGE YOUR STRESS – Stress is one of the silent killers in modern life, and one of the major factors for good sleep, good endurance and maintaining ideal body weight. The GoBe2 Fitness Tracker estimates your stress level and also shows stress episodes. By being aware of these episodes as they happen, one can begin to correlate the cause. It can be an especially powerful tool when combined with a professional stress management program.



Here is what’s included with your Healbe GoBe2 Wearable Wellness & Nutrition Tracker for Men & Women,

-Healbe GoBe 2

-Charging Dock

-Quick Start Guide

The authors have spent the past several years enthusiastically developing the Healbe project, with the goal of helping people monitor their health with less effort. Each of us applies our unique background knowledge, abilities, and talents. They mainly deal with plots, models, algorithms, research papers, and reports. Describing how their device works in the layman’s language of popular science is a new challenge. Being the developers, they’ve witnessed the evolution of the project from the start.
Visit Healbe GoBe 2 Websites and learn more about this Tracker








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