The Items Everyone Should Have in Their First Aid Kit

Every home and car should have a well-stocked first aid kit, so you can easily treat a bruise, bite, bump, burn, or another minor injury. All items should also be stored in a waterproof box to ensure none of the contents are damaged. It’s also vital to regularly review the kit, as you might need to restock or replace various products.

If you want to ensure you never miss an important essential, here are the items everyone should have in their first aid kit.

Medical Tape and Sterile Gauze Pads

Both sterile gauze pads and medical tape are essential for your first aid kit arsenal. These handy products can cover a wound or stop bleeding. Just ensure you smear the wound with an antibacterial spray or ointment first, apply the gauze, and then use a dependable medical tape to keep the gauze firmly in place.

An Antiseptic Wash

While soap and water can be an effective way to clean a wound, an antiseptic wash will be able to flush away any dirt or debris. There are also options available that come with a mild pain reliever built in, so it can help to ease a loved one’s pain quickly.

A Pair of Scissors

Scissors are essential in a first aid kit, as they will have several uses. In addition to being able to cut gauze pads down to suit a wound size, they can also be used to cut clothing that needs to be removed away from a wound. Invest in a pair of small, curved scissors, which are safe to use.

An Instant Cold Pack

There are various injuries that can benefit from being iced, as they can help to slow the flow of blood, which can reduce swelling and bruising. What’s more, they can alleviate itching from bites or stings. As it is impossible to store ice in a first aid kit, instant cold packs can be an effective option. You’ll simply need to either bend or shake the ice pack to activate it.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are often overlooked in a first aid kit, but they are crucial for protecting the person administering first aid treatment, and they will also prevent the person injured from encountering bacteria or other microbes. What’s more, they can make it much easier for a person to clean blood or bodily fluids left behind after treatment. Also, as some people are allergic to latex, it’s a smart idea to opt for non-latex gloves.


Tweezers are another multipurpose item you should add into a first aid kit. A reliable pair will be able to extract splinters, insect stings, ticks and thorns. So, if a loved one has a painful injury, the tweezers will quickly ease their pain or discomfort.

An Epi-Pen

An allergic reaction can occur suddenly and without warning, as one of your loved ones could unknowingly be allergic to bees, pets, nuts, or certain foods. An Epi-Pen is a must-have in your first aid kit, as it can help to counteract an allergic reaction, as it can instantly stimulate the heart, improve breathing, increase dropping blood pressure and reduce swelling in the body.


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