How to Save Money On Your Blog Startup

If you have already decided that you will try to start a blog and monetize it to earn extra money or even a full time income from your venture, you will need to calculate the cost of your startup. You might think that you only need a couple of dollars, but in fact there are marketing and hosting costs that all add up. If you don’t want to wait years until your target audience starts noticing your site, you will have to create a detailed business plan. Below you will find a few tips on how to save on your blogging startup cost.


While there are some easy drag-and-drop web design software and tools, you might not be able to make the most out of your brand and functionality. Instead, you can consider taking on  HTML classes based in your area so you can handle all the design and programming tasks and save money on paying a web designer. You can even learn how to create social media banners and logos, and save even more money.


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You will need to get the word out about your brand new blog, and for this you need a marketing plan. Throwing your content out there every now and then, however, might be a waste of time and energy. As soon as you have your blog up and running, talk to an expert about designing a professional sales funnel for your small business. Once you have managed to create the processes, you can automate them and see more results from your business promotions.

Content Creation

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You don’t have to outsource your content creation if you learn to use some of the latest software and tools out there. If you have never come across video creators and design software, such as Canva, it might be time to check them out. You can make infographics, slideshow and explainer videos in just a few minutes that look just as professional as they would if it was created by a professional.


You also have to take care of your branding when starting a blog. If you want to turn your blogging hobby into a career, you have to let your unique personality shine through every post, video, and podcast you publish on your site and on social media sites. Find a consistent brand message and a unique selling proposition for your blogging business to get started.

Market Research

You might think that you need to purchase industry reports and surveys to find out what your audience is looking for. In fact, you can browse other blogs and social media groups and – if you have any empathy – you can step into your reader’s shoes and hear the questions they are asking.


Blogging should be taken seriously, like a real business, if you would like to earn more than a hobby income. Save money on your startup costs and increase your chance for success by creating consistent brand messages and designing your monetization methods.

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