Are You As House Proud As You’d Like To Be?

There is nothing much out there that beats the feeling of knowing that your home is up to date with the trends, clean and welcoming. The thing is, when you have little ones running around your feet, it’s difficult to be house proud. Trying to get your home looking perfect when you are managing a small army of children is like trying to blow dry your hanging laundry while it rains – ie, an utter disaster! As an adult, you will want to take pride in your home. After all, you’re paying for the house you live in and you pay to keep it warm and keep the lights on, it makes sense that you’ll want it to look good. From the furnishings to the flooring, your home is going to be your pride and joy (after the kids, obviously), so you should take the time to be as satisfied with your home as you can.

When you buy your first property, the one thing that you want to consider above everything else is keeping it looking as modern and beautiful as it was the day that you moved into it. Sure, you may have invested in new launch property that has more modern angles and edges than soft original features, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t soften it up and make it a home that you can be proud of. Once you move in and get settled, it can be easy to get contented and settle into a routine with cleaning and tidying, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your home is inviting because of the way that you treat it. So, how do you know if you’re a house proud domestic or an undomestic goddess? Check out the signs below that’ll tell you whether you give your house your all:

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  1. Flowers. Everyone loves fresh flowers, and if you are the type of homeowner that puts out fresh flowers every week – even remembering to change them out of the vases – then you could consider yourself to be house proud. It doesn’t matter whether you buy flowers from a niche florist or you pick them up regularly from a supermarket, choosing to have fresh blooms in the kitchen and the hall tables of the home can make a huge difference.

  2. Towels. Most people – we hope – change out their hand towels in the bathrooms of the home regularly. If you are the type of person who changes the towels that have only just been changed because you’ve got guests, you care about being an impressive host. This is a tell-tale sign that you are prouder of your home than you think.

  3. Clutter. You have secret clutter that gets thrown into the garage or the shed. It’s hard to let go of stuff and everyone, even the most domestic of goddesses, has a place for things that are untidy. Storage is your thing and you would rather things be out of sight and mind to sort later on than have clutter out that people can see.

  4. Fabrics. Rugs, bath mats, toilet mats, hall runners, welcome mats – all of these things are those that look squished down and trampled over time. It’s hard not to, given all the items are battered by high traffic and footfall in the home. Most people have at least one grotty bath mat in the house, but not when you’re a domestic goddess! Your home, to you, should be as clean and tidy as possible at all times when you want to show you are proud of your home.

  5. Scents. We’ve covered flowers, but house-proud mothers know that an overflowing bin or an overflowing diaper need covering up. Scented candles can do the job and having more than one in the home is a must. You should always try to choose complimenting scents where you can; there’s nothing worse than fruity smells upstairs mixed with heavy herby smells downstairs. Luxury, long-burning candles in the home are a staple of a person proud of their home.

  6. Cushions. You know that feeling of sinking into a plumped sofa? Well, if you know guests are on the way and you avoid sitting on the plumped-up sofa, you’re absolutely house proud. Avoiding getting comfortable purely so that guests can see how amazing your sofa looks is the ultimate in being proud of your home and the way that it looks.

  7. Paint. When you have children in the home, scuff marks and finger marks on walls and doorframes are absolutely a thing. If you keep tester pots of paint in the house to touch up those marks so that you don’t ruin the paintwork with a wet sponge, then you could call yourself house proud. This is usually the preferred option of someone who doesn’t want to make a mess where there wasn’t one before.

  8. Food. Domestic goddesses can usually bake well, but if you’re a busy mother with a house to run, you can shove some bread mix into a bread maker and let the machinery do its job. The smell that will run through your home will give your house a homely and welcoming scent. It doesn’t matter that you cut corners, the house smells good!

  9. Curb Appeal. Your home on the inside looks great, but if the front door knocker is rusted and the paint on the door is peeling, you’re not as house proud as you think. You need to continue to tend the grass in the front and keep an eye on the hanging plants; just in case they’re dead and swaying in the breeze. Being house proud is about the entire picture and not just the interior.

You could have just moved into your first ever purchased home, but that doesn’t make you a domestic goddess. Be as domestically inclined as you would like to be – your home is the castle you treat it. Buy well, decorate well and treat it as well as you can. Even if you’re only showing off for yourself.

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