4 Things That You Need To Get A New Social Security Card

Is it your first time to apply for a social security card? Has your card been stolen? Has it expired? You need to have a valid social security card with you at all times. Truth be told, most people do not know what they need to provide in order to be issued with a new social security card. Here are 4 important things that you need to have to get this card:


1.    Proof Of Age

To get a new social security card, you’ll need to prove your age. As an evidence for your real age, you should provide your original birth certificate document. There are situations where you may be allowed to provide other documents that act as proof of your age such as U.S hospital records of your birth that were created during the time of your birth.


Other documents that may also prove your age are your U.S passport, religious records that were created before you were five years of age which indicate your date of birth. If you were adopted, a Final Adoption Decree document indicating your date of birth can be used.


2.    Evidence Of Identity

You must provide your proof of identity which shows your full legal name. The documents must be issued to you in the U.S and must have your biographical information such as date of birth or your parents’ name. It must also contain descriptive information such as physical information and your photograph.


To prove your identity, you should be able to provide your U.S driving license or a U.S state issued non-driver ID. If you lack both documents, you can provide a U.S passport. Other documents that prove your identity are a U.S military identity card, employee identity card, Certificate of Naturalization, health insurance card, a school identity card, or a Medicaid card.


For young children, you can provide medical records issued by a certified medical doctor, a school identity card, a school record issued from a certified school, or a Final Adoption Decree in the event that the child is adopted.


For non-US citizens, you must provide a current U.S immigration document, a foreign passport, a foreign ID card containing your biographical information and photograph, or a foreign driver’s license.


3.    Proof Of U.S Citizenship

You must prove that you are a legal citizen in the U.S to be issued with a new social security card. The documents that you must provide as proof are your original U.S birth certificate or a valid U.S passport. Other documents that you can use to prove your citizenship are a Certificate of Citizenship, a Consular Report of Birth, or a Certificate of Naturalization.


4.    Evidence Of Immigration

If you are an immigrant, you are required to provide an unexpired document such as Form 1-94, 1-551, or 1-766 that were issued to you from the Department of Homeland Security which shows your immigration status.


If you are an exchange visitor or international student in the U.S, you will be required to provide extra information documents like the Form DS-2019, I-20 or an official letter from your school and your employer authorizing your employment.



The details above are an important requirement for you to be issued with a new social security card. Once you have these ready, there is a process to follow. Here’s the process on how to get a new social security card.


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