Summer Has So Much More Potential Than Sunbathing and BBQs

Summer is upon us and the majority of us are already reaching for the BBQ tongs. As soon as the sun’s rays start beaming down, we tend to roll out a towel or blanket, sunbathe in the garden, and end the day with cool drinks and barbecued food. While this can be fun and a relaxing way to pass your days, it’s important to remember that there are so many more options out there. So while you may want to spend one weekend in this manner, you should consider different options as time goes by to mix things up a bit and keep things interesting. So, if you’re looking for alternative summer time activities to try out, here are a few to consider.


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While some of us would happily survive on burgers and hotdogs for the rest of the summer months, BBQs aren’t the only option when it comes to outdoor dining in the good weather. Why not organize a picnic instead for a change? While you could technically have a picnic in your backyard by laying out a blanket and eating a few sandwiches, the best picnics tend to take place in public places. Seize the opportunity to spend time somewhere beautiful like a local park, near a pretty lake, or you could even go all out and travel a bit further afield to a beach if there’s one within driving distance. If you plan to picnic regularly, you could benefit from investing in a wicker picnic basket complete with lightweight plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery. However, if you’re having a one-off picnic, you can easily cart your food along in a backpack or tote bag and use paper plates (just remember to dispose of them responsibly and recycle after). If you have a battery powered, wireless DAB radio or smartphone speakers, remember to take those along too. You can create a great atmosphere with a little quiet music in the background of the event.


Escape Rooms

Believe it or not, the sunshine and heat aren’t favored by all of us. If you prefer the cool retreat of the indoors, worry not. You don’t have to confine yourself to your own home. Consider activities like Escape Room days out. These take place indoors but are extremely fun, keeping your mind and body occupied until the heat of the day passed!


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Ball Games

While few of us choose to participate in ball games year-round, the summertime will generally see the number of people engaging in casual play spike. Grab a cheap rounders set, cricket set, tennis racket and ball, or baseball set and head to your nearest green space. You don’t have to take things too seriously but instead can let your hair down and enjoy yourself for a few hours with your family and friends.

As you can see, the improved weather opens up all sorts of opportunities for us during the summertime. So embrace a few! Incorporate variety in your days, spending time with different fun activities while the sunshine lasts!

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