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Disclaimer : I received this product for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


What a wonderful game that HABA USA has come up with for our our younger children, this game is only one of their games that they have. Bubble Bath Bunny needs help finding his toys hidden in the soapy suds. Using the box as your bathtub, players roll a die hoping to match the color or symbol with tiles spread across the water. A fun way to bring bath time to the table for parents and toddlers to improve memory, matching and fine motor skills. Bubble Bath Bunny is splashing about in the bathtub with his two ducks when suddenly his toys disappear in the suds. Where are the bucket, whale and boat , Bubble Bath Bunny needs your help !




HABA USA accompanys your children on their journey with games and toys that challenge and foster new skills, as well as being above all lots of  fun. At HABA you will find everything that brings a special glint to your child’s eyes !  Bubble Bath Bunny is a cute games collection with Bubble Bath Bunny and his bathtub for 2 – 4 children age 2+.
Contents :
1 bathtub (game box), 1 cardboard insert, 1 water surface, 1 Bubble Bath Bunny, 2 Ducks, 12 Tiles, 1 die and a Set of Game Instructions.  It is available HABA USA  for 15.99 at
There are three games in the box, Game # 1 : Where Are Bubble Bath Bunny’s Toys ?
Game # 2 : What;s Floating In The Water ?   Game # 3 : What is Bubble Bath Bunny Taking with Him in the Bathtub ?  I highly recommend these Game for any child that loves the wonder of games !
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There are many more games and Toys,  that you can purchase from HABA  USA, Visit their Website and let your Little Ones Start their Adventures !
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