Fun Things to do on a Budget

Now and then, it’s an enjoyable indulgence to break from your normal life schedule to do something different, even if it’s only heading to the local arcade to play a few games with friends! If you’re getting tired of watching TV series or playing on a console at home, or if you simply want to get a group of friends together outside of the usual environment, having some fun ideas for short and cheap activities to embark upon with friends can help you get the gang together for some cheap and wholesome fun.


Ten-Pin Bowling

Immortalized in US culture through pop culture references through the ages, there’s nothing like a trip to the local alleys to see who can chalk up the most strikes and spares. The clamor of voices, music and clattering pins is a fun and uplifting environment to take your pals, and will only cost you a few bucks for two hours of semi-competitive fun. It’s also a place where people of all abilities have a shot at hitting the big time, especially if the barriers are up (a shocking concept to bowling purists!) so that pinballing bowling balls might happen to hit a strike.



You can, technically, spend a whole evening in a low-stakes casino having fun betting a small amount of money and seeing where it goes, and you might emerge with a little more money that you entered with. If casinos are a little off-putting to you, why not go for the more social and sedate bingo halls, where you’ll be gambling tiny amounts of cash (often for charity) in a fun atmosphere with friends who you can chat and drink with all night long while participating in a novel and enjoyable pursuit.


Escape Rooms

The new kid on the block when it comes to activities to do with friends on a budget, buy into the likes of the Columbus Escape Room and race against the clock to escape the confines of a room in which there are clues and riddles placed cunningly for you to solve under the pressure of elapsing time. You’ll find these dotted around the US, and they’re a great excuse to get a group of friends together in an environment of mental exercise and much hilarity as you attempt to find your way out of a variety of themed narrative mysteries.



We all have a friend who fancies themselves a singer, and one who is decidedly tone-deaf. Celebrate all levels of singing proficiency at a karaoke night! It’s a budget activity packed with laughs, share with friends or family and enjoy some of your favorite songs sung by some of your favorite people. Great for all ages and all backgrounds, karaoke is one of the best alternative nights out for groups of friends that can include alcohol in order to wet the whistle and ensure everyone’s performing at their hilarious best.

Take these tips with you next time you’re looking to organize a cheap group activity with your friends.

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