Buying The Right Family-Car For Your Family

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Can you remember what buying a car used to be like before the days of parenthood? It was all frivolous thrill-seeking. It was sleek lines, soft-tops and two seats. It was self-centred purchasing. But the second you become a parent, wow, the whole car-buying thing changes big time. It has to. Not just because you can’t fit a family of four into a two-door Porsche, but because the stakes are so much higher.


All this begs the question: how do you make a good car choice and not a totally disastrous one?


Well, to help you out, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you make a super-successful decision that will let you enjoy a four-wheeled steed for years and years to come.


1. Safety First

The second your first sprog is born, that adrenaline-junkie in you vanishes in a puff of smoke and you start to eliminate almost all risks from your life. That’s why safety becomes the biggest priority in family-car buying. As such, you need to look at all the crash safety ratings and look at all the crash-avoidance tech a car boasts, anything that will avoid you having to call the Rue & Ziffra automobile accident attorney. Driving aids, lane assists, blind spot detection, auto-braking – all of it.


2. Big Broods

It can be easy to look at your small ones and buy according to your needs in the here and now. Don’t do this. Instead, buy with family expansion in mind. Buying a car for one child is very different to buying a car when you have several kids, while the needs of teenage youngsters are drastically different to that of toddlers. All that and we haven’t even talked about the addition of a dog to your family. Basically, what we’re saying is, “buy with the future in mind”.


3. Living Conditions

Where you live is one of the most important considerations you can make. For example, if you live somewhere with long, snowy winters then your needs will be very different to someone who lives on the coast where every day is sunny. We’re talking about four-wheel-drive versus four-door convertibles. You’ll also want to consider how much space is on your driveway or garage too.


4. Hobby Heaven

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. It’s the secret to a successful purchase. Maybe you head on long road trips, or tow a boat to the lake every summer, or have a horse trailer or enjoy heading up the mountains for a spot of skiing. Maybe you are a soccer coach with lots of kids and even more equipment. Whatever it is, your lifestyle will affect your car buying needs. After all, a car isn’t just for everyday needs – it’s for the occasional events that you love doing.


5. Your Wants

Everyone values cars differently. Some prefer a prestige badge while others want their car to be functional. Some buyers love looking at the performance under the hood and others get their kicks from the infotainment systems. Of course, it could just as equally be a style, comfort or space that gets you smiling. Whatever it is, know what you want before you settle for something.

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