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Disclaimer: I Received this product for free in exchange for my Review and honest opinion


Let me first say that I am loving this Subscription, I have always been into Mysteries and Puzzles, Secret Letters and being a Detective and solving a Mystery.

Cosykiller is a unique subscription box which is an ideal gift for a murder mystery loving Mom.  A cross between a choose your own adventure novel – and a role playing detective game – Cosykiller was brought to life by the award winning team at Red Herring Game (an international team of fictional assassins).
Each month your Mother or anyone who loves this type of Mystery, they will get sent critical details pertaining to the case as an heir hunter searches through the clues in the past to try and discover what happened to Marie.
Each box holds different clues, and as the investigation unfolds subscribers are sent objects designed to recreate the look and feel of a period crime, including vintage themed memorabilia, spices, aged paper, even an old journal with burned pages.  There are ciphers, sketches, and plenty of intrigue.  All in all – it’s an ideal present for Mom’s who are wannabe sleuths, armchair detectives and lovers of vintage memorabilia.
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CosyKiller is a YEAR’S subscription box delivered directly to your door. Each box is packed with vintage memorabilia, keepsakes and intrigue,   it is available to pre-order on Their  website now,
Cosykiller can be played by 1 person, or you can buy the subscription to play with a small group so you can discuss it together when each box arrives over a refreshing gin and tonic… it’s up to you! There is no role playing involved. You are the detective, and it’s your job to piece together what happened to Marie over the course of a year.


The Plot

It’s the 1930s. Marie Jones, a young woman from a wealthy family in England has been sent to India to stay with her aunt in order to find a suitable match.

Part of what they call “the fishing fleet” – Marie is quickly swept up into the lavish lifestyles of the ex-pat community; gin and tonic on the terraces, tennis matches, high tea…

This transplantation of Hampshire to the Himalayas is not without problems, and within the year Marie is found to be missing.

Her lost journal is finally discovered under the floorboards of a local dwelling by an heir hunter. As the last known living relative of the family line, the journal falls into your possession.

With the help of regular discoveries from the Indian based heir hunter, it’s up to you to fathom out what happened to Marie. Is her body lying somewhere in an Indian swamp waiting to be discovered? Why was she killed – what secrets did she discover?


Whats in each box

Each box is different. And CosyKiller doesn’t want to spoil too much of the plot by giving it away too soon. However the first box contains:

A letter from the heir hunter
Marie Jone’s missing journal
Some sketches and codes to crack
A note with cipher and a pressed leaf


How to buy:
Cosykiller is available to buy directly from the website Players can sign up for a full year or elect to pay as they go.  The game is shipped internationally with players already taking part in Australia, Singapore, the USA and UK.  A Full Year costs $275.00 or You Can Pay as you go which Costs $40.00. By buying an annual subscription you save $25 (or in other words – you get the one box free!)  Each story lasts a year.  This means each box only contains part of the puzzle.  You’ll need a full year to solve the case.
I am  very happy and satisfied with my An Inheritance of Murder  Subscription Box, it is so much better than your average reading book or game, it keeps you intrigued and always guessing what in on the next page and What adventure comes in your next box. I highly recommend this for any Woman that loves a good Mystery. Enjoy and Start your Adventure about Marie Jones !  More Adventures Coming Up in 2019, The Curse of King Humanrah andin  2020, Murder at Marlborough Manor!!
Go To CosyKiller’s Website and Start your Adventure,



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