3 Reasons The Roads Of The Future Will Be Very Different

Over the past few years, driving has changed relatively little. Cars and motorbikes have become more tech-savvy, and we’re more aware of the dangers of emissions, but these changes are relatively minor. However, there might be some far bigger changes on the horizon; here’s a look at three things you can expect from the roads of the future…


#1 – Roads that charge electric cars

This technology could be a true game changer for electric vehicles, and could be enough to persuade more people to make the switch. While the idea still in the fine-tuning phase, one such road has gone live in Sweden. If implemented further and wider, the roads of the future will literally be very different.


#2 – Self-driving cars are considered to be the future

Despite being beset with problems, self-driving cars are still considered to be the future of driving. While the progress is slow, a huge number of influential people are still deeply invested, so it’s likely that self-driving vehicles will indeed be part of the roads of the future.


#3 – Fewer motorcycles

The motorcycle industry is really struggling in the modern marketplace, so there’s a chance the roads of tomorrow will have significantly fewer two-wheel vehicles. Thankfully, there are a few ideas about what can be done to save it. If you’re curious to learn more, read on for the full facts thanks to this handy infographic…

Infographic by solomotoparts

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