Potty training: The most important Do’s and Don’ts

Potty training is one of the most important things you have to teach your dog. In the end you don’t want to clean up after your dog’s mess all the time, do you? Some of the potty training basics are very similar to other dog trainings; it’s all about creating proper habits and you have to do it at an early age. Missing one simple thing can cause lots of trouble later one so make sure to do everything right from the get-go. In order to understand potty training a little bit better, we’ve made a list of all the most important do’s and don’ts with the help of the professional puppy training expert Lene Kaufmann. Keep reading!




Have a proper attitude  

Potty training can take a lot of out of a person. In fact, having a dog in general can be a handful. You are the one that has to set up an example for a dog. If you wait for a puppy to behave the way you want it to behave, you might wait for a while

Make sure to praise

Praising and body language are very important for dogs especially when they’re little and don’t understand vocal commands. This is why it’s important to praise a puppy each time it behaves the right way. Just having a smile or taping it on the back can go a long way when it comes to potty training

Use a command

Although lots of it has to do with your demeanor, you will still have to use voice commands. Whether we’re talking about a command that will tell a dog you’re going out or a command that tells a dog it’s ok to relieve itself, you have to be the one allowing or prohibiting things

Discipline is crucial

Like with kids and parents, dogs adopt certain behavioral patterns from their owners. This is why discipline is the most important thing, not only for potty training but also for overall development of a dog. Through your actions and example, dog needs to get used to behave in a certain way. After a while, it will become commonplace




Physically punishing your dog

Pottying is not a dangerous activity. This means that a dog should never fear peeing or pooing. While you might use mild physical punishment when a dog is repeating actions that are potentially dangerous and wish to suppress certain behavior, you should never hit a dog for pottying in house. This can send a very negative message, dog may become afraid of you or even worse, afraid of pottying in general

Puppy’s biorhythm   

Puppies are like humans when it comes to their biorhythm. It’s very important to potty each day at the same time. However, it doesn’t work alone. You also need to make a proper feeding schedule and to give a dog same portions each and every time. This way you can monitor its feeding also making sure its pottying is more predictable

Allowing it to play around

Dogs definitely need a lot of activity. But you need to make a clear distinction between play time and pottying time. When you go out, you need to make sure that the dog knows this is pottying time (best way to do it is with a command). Dog will often try to stay outside as long as possible. You are the one that has to put a stop to it and if necessary pull it back home


These rules are pretty simple and straightforward, wouldn’t you agree? Even though having a dog for the first time may seem intimidating and a handful, it is all about setting up the proper rules. Naturally you also have to have discipline yourself.

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