Four Funny Gifts For Your Dinner Party Guests

One of the best ways that you can bring your friends or family together at any point in the year is a dinner party. You’ve got food, drinks flowing and everyone looking beautiful in their finery (depending on the theme, obv). A dinner party is also a great way to show off your culinary skills, that is, if you didn’t hire in a caterer to give you a hand!

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Most of the time, guests will know their manners and will show up at your home with a gift to thank the host/ess for having them. It’s pretty standard for people to bring a bottle of something to drink or a bunch of fresh flowers. Occasionally, guests bring some delicious after dinner chocolates for the whole party to enjoy. What if you put a little spin on the tradition? What if you went ahead and decided to give the guests a party favor? These don’t just have to be for kids, you know, but do you remember how excited you were for favors when you went to those children’s parties? Well, you can recreate that feeling. Here’s five great ideas for fun dinner party favors that your guests will never forget.

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  1. One of the most thoughtful gifts that you could give your guests is something from your garden. This can range from freshly cut roses from your prize bushes, to a pot of personalised herbs. You could make up your table centrepieces with your own, home-grown flowers and then send them home with the guests.

  2. If you’ve invited your besties around for their favourite meal, then you can go a little further to show how much you know them and get involved with the best custom bobblehead dolls on the market that look like them. It’s fun and a great way to show your friends how well you know them. Trust me, it’ll be a talking point.

  3. When you serve up a flavorful cuisine, there’s no doubt that people will be asking  you for your recipe so that they can copy your amazing dish. Why not put together a little recipe card along with a couple of bottles of the spices or oils that you used? You can present it beautifully in a little box and it’ll really mean something to the guests.

  4. One of the scariest things about a dinner party is a break in conversation. If you all know each other well, this shouldn’t happen, but just in case you could place a pack of fun quiz cards on every placemat around the table. This will help to move the conversation along should there be a lull between courses.

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Not many people would consider giving their guests a gift. After all, the dinner that you are providing in your home is usually enough, but that doesn’t mean you cannot break the tradition a little and make the night as memorable as possible. Your dinner party can be the one to beat, and you can make it happen with a little gift-giving.

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