Good Earth Organic Emerald Green Tea Review


Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion


I am so happy to have been given the chance to try this new Green Tea, I have been drinking green tea for years and I had been looking for a new one that was Organic. Good Earth Organic Emerald Green Tea is my favorite tea of any that I have ever had.  The Master Blenders at Good Earth Tea have created an all-new line of premium loose leaf teas. They are Blended with the highest quality flowers, fruits, and other natural ingredients , each artisanal Good Earth tea guarantees a taste adventure like no other that you have ever had. These inspiring teas are packaged in exquisitely designed, reusable metal tins with colors to help indicate what epicurean flavors await inside.


Harvested from the lush green mountains of Southern China, their Organic Emerald Green offers a veritable bounty of flavor and aroma. Though simple in appearance, this precious tea yields a naturally sweet, smooth and clean brew with distinct earthy and flowery notes. Smooth, earthy, flowery, and soft to the palate.



path to brewed bliss hot  and iced tea ;

8 oz. near boiling water

3/4 Tsp. Green Tea

Use Infuser

Steep 2 min.

For Iced Tea Follow same Directions and add ice to you tea

TIP: For best flavor, cool water up to 1 min. before infusing tea.


Let me tell you about Good Earth, They have one of the world’s top tea masters sourcing out leaves and ingredients from around the globe—and right here at home—to create unique, exotic and exciting blends. It’s a great day  at headquarters when they all get together with their tea master to sample these new blends, make suggestions to perfect them, and basically bond over tea all day. Good Earth gets tea because they love tea. It’s just that simple. And speaking of simple, they believe above all else, finding your favorite teas and blends should always feel like a simple yet amazing adventure. On their new teas, they have pointed out each ingredient in the blend so you know exactly what you are drinking! Plus, they’ve created a tea customizer tool so you can easily find your tea soulmate. All you have to do is answer 5 simple questions in their tea quiz and they will suggest the flavors that will suit your mood to a tea. Good Earth has Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and Sweet & Spicy Tea too.  For all you Tea drinkers, I highly recommend you try these New and Tasty Good Earth Teas, they are the Best Ever. Go to their Website and order yourself some delicious Teas,  

This Emerald Organic Green Tea is $12.99



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