Prepare your home for winter –

Winter season means cold, snow, and more-cold. It also means you can’t do work outside (or sometimes inside). So, how do you get your home ready for the winter? These are some things to do before the cold arrives.

Clean the gutters –

Clean out the gutters, clean the siding, and make sure the drainage system is cleaned out. This will prevent flooding (outside) and will also ensure your home doesn’t experience back up (leaves, dead animals, snow, etc.) during a very cold/snowy season.

Winter proof it –

Consider winterizing the windows and doors. Consider insulation to help avoid too much wind/cold from seeping into the home.

Shut off valves –

This will avoid flooding and frozen pipes in the home. Especially if you are going to be traveling and won’t be home, you don’t want to deal with the pipes bursting while you are away. So, have a plumber visit before you leave town for a few days or weeks.

Seal ducts –

Make sure you seal off the furnace ducts, and cover up the entryways (such as the chimney, door sweeps, etc.). Doing this not only helps prevent snow from entering and too much wind/cold from entering the home, but can also keep out unwanted guests (such as animals/critters which are lurking outside).

 Sweeps –

Door sweeps are a nice addition and they are very cheap. Especially if you don’t have energy efficient doors and windows, this will help keep the draft out of the home, and will also ensure your home feels warm during the season.

There are many things you can do to prevent damage and keep your home comfortable during the cold season. If you are looking to get some of these jobs done but are unsure on the cost then there are many different sites which can help you. is a great site to visit because it can give you price estimates for some of the jobs you need doing which can then help you save money if you get a tradesmen to come and do the jobs for you. These are among the leading things you should do, as winter approaches.

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