Invest In Yourself: Three Worthwhile Ways to Improve Your Life in 2018

At the start of every new year, most of us look ahead to the next twelve months and say ‘this is going to be my year.’ But really, what do we do to make that happen? Once the going gets tough old habits slip back in, and before long it’s another year of making the same old mistakes. However it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get off the couch, smash those goals and by the end of this year know that you did all you could to be the best version of yourself, and grabbed opportunities that came your way with both hands. Here are some of the ways you can invest in yourself in 2018.

Learn to Drive

Having your own vehicle gives you so much independence. You don’t have to rely on anyone to get you around, if you need to be somewhere you can take yourself. If you’ve never done your driving lessons and have been putting it off for years, why not make the time to do them now? By the end of the year you could have passed your test and able to go wherever you want. It could open up new job opportunities since you’re able to travel, and it could make socialising easier so you’re able to get out more. It will most certainly make your day to day life easier, from getting to work to doing the school run to shopping for groceries. Speak to a few local driving instructors and book yourself in on a day and time each week that works for you. Once you’ve passed you can look into getting a vehicle, they’re expensive but you could save while you’re doing your driving lessons. You could look into car finance to spread the payments into affordable monthly chunks, and if you shop around you can get your insurance cheaper too. Companies offering complete auto glass services can save you money too since things like chipped glass don’t have to mean buying a whole new windscreen. Driving and getting your own vehicle is something you will look back on at the end of the year and be so glad you did.


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Look After Your Health

Good food, exercise, plenty of water and enough sleep are all ways you can improve your physical health. You could create a Pinterest board and gather lots of healthy recipes for inspiration, cook things that are full of fresh and healthy ingredients but genuinely taste good. This way you won’t feel like you’re missing out and it will be so easy to stick to. Find an active hobby you enjoy- swimming, hiking, biking, a sport, a dance class, the gym- whatever gets you working hard while enjoying yourself. Most of us are dehydrated, and since the body needs water for just about every function that’s not good. Buy yourself a cute water bottle that you love, fill it up and carry it around with you. Sleep is another crucial element of good health. Researchers have shown that a single night of sleep deprivation, brain cells rose to levels that signified neural damage. So as well as poor concentration, increased appetite, links to obesity and diabetes, heart attack and stroke- poor sleep in the long term can actually cause low level brain damage. It’s a scary thought, so make sure you’re getting enough shut eye. Keeping off electronics an hour before bed and getting into a good bedtime routine can both help if you’re struggling to drift off. Avoid caffeine too if you find you toss and turn for hours, it lasts for a surprisingly long time in the body, so even a cup in the morning can keep you up at night if you’re sensitive to it.



Getting out there and seeing new places in the world is exciting and can give you a whole new perspective. You don’t have to spend a fortune, spend a few weeks backpacking, going on a road trip or volunteering abroad. These are all cheap to do but allow you to get out there, explore and meet new people. When you stay in the same place your whole life you miss out on so much, so if you get the opportunity then go for it. Five star hotels and fancy restaurants are nice, but your travel plans definitely don’t need to include these things. They can be incredible on very little money at all.


How will you make 2018 your year?

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