Hitting The Pothole: Remedying Rubbish Roads In Your Area

When it comes to driving, we all understand the risks. Getting behind the wheel is a powerful position, and taking that for granted can have catastrophic effects. Hence why we work hard to pass our tests. Even once we’re given free reign of the roads, it’s down to us to stay alert and vigilant.

But, this can be made difficult by issues out of our control. In an ideal world, of course, road safety would fall solely on drivers. But, that isn’t the case. In reality, safety is often compromised by the condition of the road itself. Issues such as potholes, chips, and faded road markings can spell trouble. And, it’s not always trouble we can avoid. Hence why we should all do what we can to make our councillors sit up and notice our roads.

If you aren’t convinced, let’s look at the risks bad roads could pose for you.


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Damage to your vehicle

When you spent all that time finding the right car, you probably didn’t expect that roads would pose a risk to it. Dangerous driving, perhaps, or wear and tear. But, surely roads themselves shouldn’t aid car degeneration? Of course not, but roads with excessive potholes can do just that. Most at risk are your tires. Hitting a pothole at speed could lead to flats. In extreme cases, you may even experience bent rims which are more expensive to replace. All because your roads aren’t in the condition they should be!

It’s also thought that, in some cases, issues such as these can cause problems with vehicle suspension. These include breakages of essential components. It’s possible that excessive pothole damage could even cause issues with your exhaust or engine. All of which is going to set you back a fair amount to repair.

But, what can you do about it? For one, you can submit a claim to your city based on the damage. As you can see from sites like time.com, you may have a battle on your hands, but it’s important to take this step. You wouldn’t be alone, either. Pothole claims are increasing as conditions worsen. If you receive no luck here, it may be worth starting a petition, or appealing directly to your local councillor. The government are less likely to ignore an issue when people bring it to their door. There’s a distinct chance you aren’t alone in your annoyance. So, don’t be afraid to make noise about this until something changes.

Accident potential

Of course, dangerous roads can cause trouble in a much more serious way. Everything, from uneven surfacing to holes, can increase chances of an accident. Even sharp bends and blind spots can, and should, come under scrutiny. Have you got a road nearby which is notorious for crashes? It may be that visibility is bad, or that the layout isn’t best for the purpose. Either way, issues like these pose significant risks. If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident because of roads like these, it’s crucial you seek legal council, like that found at https://www.craigswapp.com/seattle-personal-injury-lawyer/seattle-car-accident-lawyer/.
That way, you can at least gain the compensation you deserve. And, if enough people take this step, the council are much more likely to make necessary changes. After all, it’ll be no longer financially viable to ignore the issue. And, money is something councillors rarely ignore.

Risk to pedestrians

As drivers, the majority of us are continuously aware of the risk we pose to pedestrians. As mentioned above, getting behind the wheel puts you in a position of power. And, it’s crucial you don’t abuse that. As such, we stop at crossings and slow down when we see people crossing the road. But, if you live in an area which doesn’t provide ample crossing opportunities, both you and those pedestrians are at risk. In some places, people have no choice but to risk a run across the road. If the speed limit in such areas is high, there’s little chance of your being able to break in time. As such, you should join any battle when it comes to crossings for pedestrians. It may seem like an issue which doesn’t impact you, but that’s far from the truth. By backing initiatives like these, you stand the best chance of avoiding a terrible situation. After all, hitting a pedestrian has the potential to ruin your life. It could even see you behind bars through no fault of your own.

Increased weather risks


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Terrible roads are dangerous at the best of times. But, this becomes more the case during hazardous weather. Few of us enjoy driving in rain, snow, and other extreme conditions. Even on the best of roads, weather like this can make driving much more dangerous. Hence why we try to avoid driving like this where possible. Sometimes, though, we have no choice but to head out and face what nature throws at us. And, when we do, poor roads make conditions even more treacherous. Rain makes roads slippery at the best of times, but this will be much worse if you hit a pothole. In fact, you could lose control of your vehicle altogether this way. And, thanks to reduced visibility, other cars may not be able to avoid hitting you.

Equally, snow poses significant risks on bad roads. When you can’t see the road you’re driving on, issues such as potholes become life-threatening. Again, they increase your risk of losing control. What’s worse, you won’t be able to see them beforehand. Hence, there won’t even be any chance of avoiding the risks.

In conclusion

So, you see, dangerous roads are bad news for a variety of different reasons. Yet, it isn’t unusual for councillors to ignore these issues as much as possible. Instead of taking a back seat and letting them off the hook, be as vocal as possible about this problem. Gain evidence, and keep using it until the right people pay attention. You owe it to yourself, and your kids when they take the road.


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