Examining Laser Treatments to Remove Body Hair

You may already know that laser treatments to remove body hair are quite common, but do you know why? A big part of the answer to that question is vanity. People like to remove unsightly hairs, which tend to pop up in strange places with the passage of time. While it might seem to make sense to use shaving, waxing, or other methods to get rid of them, such methods tend to be relatively ineffective because the hairs grow back quickly. Let’s look at why removing hair with lasers is often more effective.

Lasers Treat Entire Hairs, Not Partial Hairs

The primary reason why hairs removed with lasers tend to take longer to regrow is that lasers treat entire hairs. Certain other techniques, such as shaving, only remove partial hairs because they cannot target the parts of the hairs below the epidermis (outer layer of skin). Hairs grow similarly to vegetables in that they “germinate” from “bulbs” called follicles and then form roots and grow below the surface before poking through the top layer of “soil” that is the skin. Since laser beams can penetrate through multiple skin layers they can target entire hair shafts and follicles.

Laser Procedures for Hair Removal Are Quick

Although laser-treated hairs can regrow after a while, it will take much longer than it takes hairs to regrow after processes like shaving. So, that is one thing that makes them convenient. Another convenient aspect of treating your skin with laser-equipment devices is the fact that when you do finally require another laser hair removal appointment the procedure will be quick. You will only have to spend about an hour in the actual laser treatment appointment. Although, you should factor in travel time and time it may take to fill out any paperwork, especially if it is your first treatment at a particular clinic.

You Won’t Have a Lot of Pain During Hair Removal

There is a certain degree of pain associated with some hair removal techniques, especially electrolysis and waxing. If you choose to have hair removal done with lasers you will not have to experience that level of pain. During hair removal appointments the skin is numbed, cooled, or a combination of both. The numbing and cooling processes help to negate the heat caused by the laser device. You may feel a minor stinging or snapping feeling, but you should not experience any severe discomfort.

Lasers May Not Get Rid of Your Unwanted Hair Right Away

When you have your unwanted hairs treated with a laser you are not going to see them instantly fried by the laser device. In fact, you may not notice any immediate change at all. The laser is designed to damage the hairs and follicles, weakening them so that they will eventually fall out. That process may take days or weeks, and it may require you to have additional treatments as well. However, the eventual goal will be for the hairs to take a long time to grow back. In some cases certain hairs may not return at all after you undergo enough laser hair removal appointments.

Making a Final Choice About Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

Before you can be ready to make your final choice about whether or not to remove hairs with laser devices you must also think about other factors. Among those factors are the color, thickness and oiliness levels of your skin. It is possible that your skincare expert may tell you that you do not qualify for laser treatment because of any of those factors. For example, extra oily skin can be hazardous during laser treatment because of increased burn risks.

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