Makeover Magic For Your Home: DIY Do’s and Don’ts

Tatty tables, shabby cushions and dull walls. You keep walking into your home and everything looks like it needs a little bit of tender loving care. DIY doesn’t have to be difficult though. You can make some big changes with very little work, so take a look at these do’s and don’ts and give your home the magical makeover it deserves.




Spruce Up Old Furniture

You have so many pieces of ancient furniture that have been living in your home for years and years. Many of them look like they’re on their last legs and they could do with a little brightening up. You don’t need to go out and invest in anything new, just work with what you’ve already got. Take that little coffee table that you often just use to throw your keys on at the end of a day. That could be a real signature piece in your living room, but it’s just getting dustier by the day. Give it a lick of paint and you’ll have a brand new sparkling table to be proud of.  You could also invest in new handles for your drawers; they will turn a dull and drab design into a delightfully delicate one!

Change Things Around

If you’re getting a little bored of how a room is looking you have the option to change things around a bit. Get creative with where you can move certain pieces of furniture and you’ll end up with a fresh look in your home. Feeling fed up of a pitiful desk sitting in the corner? Move it do a different room and it might actually come in super handy. Maybe you have a tall lamp which has always looked a little bit out of place. You’ve always meant to find it a better home, so take the chance now and move it to somewhere you love.

Make Your Own Accessories

Let your creative flair run free and start making your own accessories. You can find so much inspiration online for things like cushions and curtains. If you add a homemade touch to your tired-looking decorations you’ll soon fall in love with them again. Why not make your own artificial flower arrangements? Gussy up a plain vase with some sparkling pebbles and colourful petals. You can completely enhance so many things that you already have lying around so try and think outside the box. Turn your sleepy sofa into a snazzy settee in the blink of an eye.



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Scour The Sales

If you’re planning on making your own bits and bobs to brighten up your boring bedroom. Then you should consider going out on the hunt for your crafty essentials. The sales are getting more and more advanced with what they have on offer, so try and use your imagination when you’re shopping for your pieces. Maybe you could turn a super cheap cushion cover into a lovely little trinket holder. Or a brightly colored set of bedding is on sale and you’d love to add the design to your curtains. The possibilities are endless when you’re searching for new odds and ends. You will end up finding some real gems amongst your bargains.


Cleanse and Declutter

You can’t have a makeover with a cluttered house, so try and get rid of things that you REALLY don’t need anymore. Consider selling some of your belongings and use the cash to invest in some new decorative objects that you’ll be able to use when you’re getting crafty. You’ll find that many of your drawers are crammed full of useless junk and you’ll be able to put them to much better use after your detoxifying dumping session.




Go Whacky With Wires

You might be looking to move around some electricals or sort out some new lighting to make a room snazzier. Whatever you do, don’t start using wires if you’re not qualified to. If you’re looking to test electrical currents or something similar, places such as will help you to compare the technical gadgets you will need. It will be a huge help in choosing the right one for you. Don’t mess with wires if you don’t feel entirely comfortable, seek out advice if you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all. You don’t want to end up electrocuting yourself, all because of a new lovely light fitting! Stay safe and leave some things to the experts.


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Throw Out Stuff That Works

Don’t go throwing away your home appliances like fridges and microwaves because they’re looking a little rusty and old. Many of these household electricals just need a good old clean to make them look like brand new. Chances are they are all working perfectly fine, but you just haven’t had the chance to undertake a deep clean. You’ll be surprised what a bit of time and elbow grease can do for a rusty old cooker. Try using natural cleaning products like lemon, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. They will tackle through stains and grease in no time.

Make Changes Without Permission

You might be planning on making a huge change to your home but you’re not sure where to start. It’s so important not to rush into a big DIY job without seeking out the relevant permissions. You may need to get permission from the council to create extensions or make big changes to your garden. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of a project, to find that you’re not allowed to continue with it. Equally, make sure that you’ve properly discussed any changes with your family who live at home with you. They will most likely be able to help you out, but they won’t appreciate you making huge changes around them without consulting them first. Be mindful of any change you make and get everyone involved for a fun family activity.

Your home will be looking brighter and breezier in no time if you follow these simple stages. Remember to only take on DIY jobs that are within your capabilities and don’t be afraid to use your creativity!

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