Is Confidence An Internal Or External Virtue?




What truly defines confidence in your eyes? Is it the ability to truly reflect on your weaknesses and build strength? Is it the way you look, or the way you feel on a daily basis? Do you have to achieve it, or is it inbuilt and only for a select amount of people?

Achieving the highest levels of confidence can sometimes worry you. It doesn’t feel natural for people who are used to feeling anxious, shy or depressed. Confidence is something which truly helps inform every part of your life, from relationships, your career to your general desire for exploration on a given day.

This article should hopefully illuminate what confidence is, how to achieve it, and how to maintain it. We wish you the best in your efforts.



Confidence, while an inner feeling, is also heavily informed by external happenings. If you dress well, you look good, and you feel great. This is why paying attention to your appearance and wardrobe is so important to do. If you neglect this you’ll find that your ability to relax in your skin is hampered when out, because no ones enjoys feeling self-confident. At the very least, taking care of yourself and grooming well will increase your self-respect, allowing you to take bolder fashion expression, such as wearing designer tops or dresses.

Dressing well is a state of mind as much as it is an external adorning. Finding how you’d like to express yourself takes into account shape, color, length and thickness. Fashion degrees are often ridiculed for being ‘unnecessary,’ but there’s much more going on in a fashion walk than meets the eye. Overall the fashion industry is a celebration of our temporary daily looks, and a proud and glowing review of the beauty of which we are all capable to achieve.



Everyone will tell you that confidence is something you must work on yourself, and that if you base it on someone else, you will be lacking and ultimately deficient in confidence. While this is somewhat true because you should always trust yourself wholly, it doesn’t take away from the deserved confidence of being a great mother, or having amazing children. The love a child can give you oversteps any false praise given by people around you. These are things you should quite rightly take pride in, because running a family is hard work. If you raised a child, an entirely new human being and have given them the tools to enter society with an educated mind, we’re pretty certain you have the right to be confident of your achievements. It’s only fair you are, in fact.

That being said, social groups should also inform your confidence to a great degree. We are not isolated creatures. We are social beings first and foremost, and finding our identity in the growth of a group is something we have done for millennia. Feeling part of your family unit more than an individual is completely fine if that’s what makes you happy, provided it sustains you.



Humility is a wonderful virtue, and can redeem most anyone. It can however get in the way of confidence. If being too humble is impeding your ability to congratulate yourself for your achievements, or to really put yourself forward towards activities and career goals you might desperately desire, then it needs some calibration.

Humility simply means you never speak of your achievements to other people, because honestly who wants to hear about that? Everyone has their own pursuits to focus on. Of course, you should always feel major pride whenever you’ve completed something or achieved a goal. Congratulating yourself is the most important thing you can do from this perspective. It will entice you to take part in future goals, and achieve them with the same sense of intensity and passion you once wanted.


In Conclusion

Confidence is a complete mix of internal and external happenings. It means calibrating yourself from the outside, wearing great clothes and achieving things that matter. It also means allowing yourself to emotionally develop around these achievements and great material goods.

It’s possible to be confident even if you’re lethargic. Confidence is a word which continually has bad connotations associated with it, as we’re all too aware of people who are overconfident. When you’re truly confident, you’re happy in yourself, your ability, and your home life.


We’re sure that in 2018, your confidence will become stronger than it ever has been before.

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