Christmas 3-in-1 Personalized Matching Game Review



Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my review and my honest opinion


This wonderful Personalized Matching  Card Set will Help your child learn to spell and build memory power with this alphabet matching game that comes in a deck of 52 durable playing cards. Each card can be uniquely personalized with your child’s name and photo! The other side features a letter from the alphabet and an illustration from the corresponding about Christmas, My Very Own Christmas.







Your Child can  Discover multiple ways to play – match the illustration, find the letter match to every card you flip over or use them as alphabet flash cards. You can even make up your own game!  Make learning fun! These 52 cards are 3 games in one: matching game, alphabet flash cards, and spell out the letters of your name!  I got these for my Granddaughter Shyenne,  She is 9 years old and has had some difficult times in her young life, I wanted these for her to help build her self esteem and to always know she is very important .  These One of a Kind Matching cards retail for $ 14.99 on ” I See Me ” Website ,


There are so many other games, books, cards and other gifts, they are all Personalized for that special family or child. they have the highest quality, most personalized children’s books available. I See Me,  mission is to increase self esteem in children through personalized books  and other products that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of our books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is, to teach the child how to spell his or her name, and to build vocabulary skills.


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